Kids Rooms: Designing A Race Car Bedroom

Design a racecar bedroom for a boy of any age.

A racecar bedroom is a perfect theme for a boy of any age. You can design this room with your four year old in mind, a teenager, or even an adult man (as long as he lives alone). Use the following ideas to design a racecar bedroom for your child, or yourself.

Beds: If the room is being designed for a little boy, purchase a racecar bed. These beds can be found in any children's furniture store, are very realistic looking, and come in several price ranges. Of course, the more expensive the bed is, the more realistic it will look. These beds are available in wood, plastic, and metal. You can also purchase bedding that coordinates with your racecar bed. For a young adult's bed, you can use a simple full sized bed placed in the corner of the room. On the side wall next to the bed, you can paint the façade of a racecar onto the wall. Purchase simple bedding in a solid color and sew white strips of fabric for racing stripes down the center. If you can find glow in the dark fabric, that would add a nice effect. Alternatively, you can cut two racecar façade shapes out of plywood, paint them to resemble a car and attach them to either side of the bed. You can also add real tires to the bed facades.

Other furniture: To recreate the inside of a garage workshop in your racecar bedroom, you can do the following. Put a tabletop on a stack of tires to create a nightstand. Paint a simple or dresser red to resemble a toolbox. Use garage style cabinetry for your bookshelves. For the desk, use a workshop table instead.

Walls: Make the bed look like it is driving out of the wall by painting a simple mural. Paint the entire wall at the head of the bed black, and add a dotted line down the center of the wall. Continue the racetrack onto the floor by putting a black carpet or black rubber gym flooring under the car/bed. Paint other walls in the room grey and add a strip of a slightly lighter color to give the look and feel of metal corrugated walls found in a garage workshop.

Window treatments: Use mini-blinds or wood blinds on the windows. Instead of a standard window topper, arrange racing flags across the tops of the windows. If you have a very large flag, use it as a curtain panel by hanging it in front of the window with simple pushpins or hooks if it is attached to a pole.

Wall hangings and accessories: Make a border around the top of the room by hanging old license plates or racing stickers with clever sayings like "I'm not tailgating, I'm drafting". Hang a racing jumpsuit from a peg on the wall as well. You can further decorate the room with NASCAR racing stickers and memorabilia of different racing stars. For accessories, use items that you would find in a racing pit or garage. Convert a bucket car seat into a chair for your room. Instead of a traditional mirror, hang an assortment of rearview mirrors and license plate frames with a mirror inserted. In an adjoining bathroom, use vehicle floor mats instead of bathroom rugs.

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