Kids Rooms: Designing A Rainforest Bedroom

Create the tropical feel of the rainforest in your own home with a rainforest bedroom.

Create the tropical feel of the rainforest in your own home with a rainforest bedroom. This is a great theme for both adults and children.

Step 1. Paint a rainforest mural. Begin by painting a rainforest landscape on your walls. The mural can cover one or more walls. The goal is to create a realistic rainforest, which consists of the Emergent Layer, the dense canopy layer of treetops and the sky. Just below that, you will find the Canopy Layer where you will still find more treetops, but they will be less full because of limited nourishment. The under story beneath the canopy layer is very dark as it receives very little sunlight. It contains mostly young trees. Finally, the Forest Floor, which receives virtually no light between the trees you will find a decaying leaves and fruits. Follow these directions to paint a simulation of the rainforest.

Paint the upper 1/3 of the wall sky blue, the

middle a pale green, and the lower 1/3 dark green. Do not make sharp lines in between these layers where the colors meet, instead have the colors blend and fade into each other. This will complete the background of your mural. Next, draw simple tree trunks in the middle third of the wall section. The base of the trees should start at the top of the lower level, and end at the bottom of the top layer. Where the top of the trees end, draw and paint treetops. Be sure to leave some of the blue-sky showing above and in between the treetops or canopies. In the lower portion of the wall, draw and paint small plants at the base of the trees.

Step 2: Add animals to your mural. In the uppermost emergent layer, paint birds and insects. The canopy layer should house insects, birds, reptiles, and mammals like monkeys. The under story layer has very few animals, add a few snakes for effect. On the forest floor, add slugs along with the large animals in the rainforest like apes, and tigers.

Step 2: Make it the mural three-dimensional: In addition to the painted mural, add 3 dimensional effects to the wall. Affix fake butterflies, vines, toy snakes and even stuffed monkeys to the walls. Have vines hanging from your ceiling as well. For your window treatments, use taught rope instead of a standard curtain rod

Step 3: Add the sounds of the rainforest to your room with sounds of the rainforest cd's, indoor water fountains, and perhaps live birds to keep you company.

Step 4: Make the room livable. Once you have created your rainforest environment, you will still need to add furniture, bedding, and d├ęcor. Choose natural looking furniture for your bedroom in wicker or oak. The lines of the furniture should be straight and simple. Over your bed, which can be covered by solid green or tropical printed bedding, hang mosquito netting for effect. Cover the windows with a light muslin fabric and wrap ivy vines around the curtain rod.

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