Kid's Valentine's Day Craft Ideas

Creative Valentine's Day Crafts for your children.

Children look forward to Valentine's Day almost as much as adults do. While, as adults, we look forward to romantic candlelit dinners with champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert, children have a much different spin on this holiday. Children love handing out decorated Valentines cards to their friends and teachers and, even more so, love getting little chocolates and sweet candies from their friends and parents. Make this Valentine's Day a little more special by helping your child make some easy homemade Valentine-inspired crafts.

If you have a young baby in the house who is already eating baby food, save those baby food jars. Clean them out and you have now got some quick supplies for fantastic Valentine's Day handouts. Carefully peel the baby food label off the clear glass jar. Spread out some newspapers, give your child some colorful acrylic paint and some paintbrushes and allow him to decorate the outside of the baby jar with hearts or swirls. Have him also paint the baby jar lid a solid color like white, pink or red. If he plans on giving each child in his classroom or his teacher one of these jars, he can paint the child's or teacher's name on the jar lid for an extra-special touch. Allow the jar and lid to dry overnight and fill the jar with small candies. Have your child tie a bow of ribbon or raffia around the neck of the jar once it is closed.

An easy Valentine's Day craft would be chocolate mice that your child can hand out to her friends with their cards. Using a square piece of red or pink felt or foam (a square piece about two inches wide), have her cut out the shape of a heart. Glue the bottom of a Hershey's Kiss to the bottom portion of the heart that was just cut out. On the other side of the heart, glue the bottom of another Hershey's Kiss. The two bottoms of the candies should be even with each other. The top part of the heart will be the mouse ears and the two Kisses will be the mouse's body. Leave the paper "tail" on one of the candies and cut the other one off. On the side that does not have the paper "tail" glue a small black fuzzy nose on the tip of the candy (you can also use black construction paper). If you have wiggly eyes, glue them over the nose. Using thin strips of construction paper, glue on whiskers. You now have a cute (and delicious) mouse!

Most children love to make fun Valentine's Day boxes to hold all of the Valentines they get from their friends at school, neighbors and relatives. All you will need for this project is an old shoe box, some different colored tissue paper, a pencil, scissors and some glue. Cut the tissue paper into one inch squares. On the cover of the shoe box, cut out a slit about five inches long and half an inch wide so you have an opening for your cards. Using a pencil, draw out a design on your shoe box. You can make a lot of hearts or write out your name. You will use the different colored tissue paper to "color" in your design. Place the erase part of the pencil in the center of one of the square pieces of tissue paper and pull up the edges (making a "bowl" out of the tissue paper). Put a dab of glue on the bottom of the tissue paper "bowl" and glue onto the surface of your show box. Use these "bowls" to color in the design you created. The project is easy, but the effect looks wonderful!

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