What Kind Of Cake Pans And Molds Should A Beginner Get?

What kind of cake pans and molds should a beginner get? Learn what kind of cake pans a beginner should invest in. Many cakes can be shaped from standard round and rectangular baking pans. From layer cakes...

From layer cakes to sheet cakes, themed cakes and seasonal cakes,cakes can take on a lot of different sizes and shapes. A few basic supplies allow bakers to create a variety of options without breaking the bank on baking pans.

Jennifer Bartos owns and operate the All in One Bake Shop. As an expert in baking supplies, she suggests the average home baker stock up on the following.

"I think a beginner cake baker should have standard round cake pans of varying sizes, as well as a few standard sheet pans," she advises. She doesn't advocate the use or need of molds for beginner cake bakers.

"If you're looking to make something more spectacular in shape than a round or rectangular shaped cake, these pieces can be cut quite simply from existing shapes," Bartos says.

For example, a square cake can be made very simply by cutting a rectangular cake in two pieces. All sorts of designs can be cut from rectangular shaped cakes as well. Round cakes can be cut across the middle and stood on edge to form a half-moon shape. This trick is used when making bunny cakes at Easter time. One round cake cut in two and stood on the flat edge are fused together using a stiff icing or frosting. Once firm and adhered to the plate with a generous dollop of icing underneath the layers, the entire half-round shape can be frosted. Adding coconut as a decorative enhancement makes it look like the Easter bunny actually has fur. And a cut-out or store bought plastic face adds instant Easter bunny charm. For a fluffy cotton tail, use a snack cake that is decorated with coconut. These are easy to find in most every grocery store.

Good quality sheet pans and cake rounds are necessary for cake baking success. Pans with a nonstick finish should still be greased,whether with a cooking spray or traditional greasing method. Stainless steel cake pans must be greased and floured as well. They require a bit more finesse in removing the cakes from the pans, but their heavy, durable material typically makes for a nice, evenly baked cake.

Whether your cake is intended for a celebration or a simple dessert, correct use of these cake pans are a sure way to practically guarantee good results when baking a cake. A few other simple tips prevail. The cake should always be made exactly according to recipe or package instructions, and baked in a preheated oven of the required temperature. Don't open the oven door too often while baking. No, this won't necessarily make your cake fall. While this is indeed an old wives tale, the constant opening of the oven while the cake is baking will cause the temperature to vary, and may result in a less than stellar end result.

Cake baking needn't be complicated. Department stores and kitchen stores carry a wide variety of decent baking pans that fit nearly every budget. Have fun with your baking. Play around with shapes and styles that can be created from these two simple types of pans. The results will have everyone enjoying their cake and eating it, too!

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