What Kind Of Chemicals Do You Use In Organic Pest Control?

What kind of chemicals do you use in organic pest control? Organic pest control uses natural chemicals or substances to get rid of the common pest. It never fails, as soon as you turn your head away from...

It never fails, as soon as you turn your head away from your plate of hot piping food, you turn around just in time to catch a bug or insect making its way towards your plate. Just as the food called to you, the aromas and smells that it gives off in the wind are calling to that bug.

And no matter how hard you try, there's no reasoning with this pesky insect. You fan him away, you put napkins over your food and you even acquire the help of your counterparts at the table. But just like a child the day before Christmas, this insect is completely bouncing off the wall.

Just at this moment, you realize how much you hate bugs and wish they were all gone. This is easier said than done. Insects were here before us and it's a safe bet that they are going to be here long after we leave. Insects will forever be a part of our everyday life.

Insects do a lot for ecology and evolution and have just as much right to be here as we do, it just seems like dinnertime is never the best time to visit. Today, more and more consumers are finding ways to limit the amount of insects and bugs they have living in and around their homes by choosing organic pest control.

A lot different from the old method of having chemicals sprayed on the lawn, organic pest control is said to be a much safer and easier way to deal with insects and bugs. But, in order to be successful, organic pest control uses chemicals too.

Mark Ruben has been working for Nature's Best Pest Management for 16 years. The company started in 1978 and they have specialized in organic pest control for the past seven years. Ruben says that Nature's Best Pest Management uses only non-threatening chemicals.

"We will use organic, natural, biological, and birth controls," he explains. "Those are the four categories that we work from."

"For instance, we use boric acid," he adds. "It is not organic, but it is natural. Boric acid is boron. It is basically ground up boron that we use."

"We also use diatomaceous earth and limestone which are organic. They are two different products. They are natural minerals. Limestone is a mineral. Diatomaceous earth is a mineral."

Organic pest control works best because it works in several different ways to limit the amount of insects and bugs that live in and around your house. And even though they work in different ways, their results are similar in that they reduce the amount of insects and bugs without using harmful chemicals and sprays.

"All of the products we use work in different ways," Ruben says. "The biggest way these products work is suffocation by means of clogging up the breathing holes of the insect like a dust would do. They clog up the spiracles of breathing of an insect. They can also work as a stomach poison to dry out the insect. It actually makes it so that the moisture from the insect leaks out, and it will cut them open."

Other ways that homeowners can aid in the fight before using organic pest control is by allowing certain insects to kill others and do research on the types of plants and trees you have around your home. Some plants attract a certain type of bug while other plants are capable of repelling insects.

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