What Kind Of Knife Sharpener Do You Recommend?

What kind of knife sharpener do you recommend? Tips for selecting a knife sharpener. We recommend that the consumer get the knife taken in to where they purchased the knives at the cutlery store or specialty...

We recommend that the consumer get the knife taken in to where they purchased the knives at the cutlery store or specialty kitchen retailer and get them sharpened professionally. Kyocera knives are sharpened on a $12,000 diamond wheel. They actually have three different diamond wheels that the sharpening is done on and its just wonderful to get a knife back to its factory new edge. We sell a micro-serrated tomato knife that's a new shape for us and this is a five inch blade that has little micro-serrations on it. We actually have a wheel that will sharpen and put those micro-serrations back on the blade. It's great because a lot of people worry that they will buy a knife that has serrations on it and as it gets dull, they'll just have to accept that as a fact of life. But with Kyocera ceramic utility knives, that's not true. We actually will put micro-serrations back on it when you send your knife in for sharpening.

Kyocera knives sharpen their knives as a complimentary service. You just pay $10 for shipping and handling for up to two knives and they are sharpened on our wheels and shipped back to you. You get that after sales service and support for no charge, just a nominal fee for shipping and handling. It could be up to 40 dollars depending on how many knives you are bringing in. It just really varies from location to location what you are spending for re-sharpening.

Some people do sell ceramic knives, but you may have trouble with after-sales support. We do offer lifetime re-sharpening for the life of the product and it is complimentary. Stainless steel or high carbon knives would need to be sharpened more often because they are made of softer material.

The stainless steel is the softer material and even the high carbon steel knives are softer than ceramic or zirconium oxide blades, so they will need to be sharpened a little bit more often. It's just one of the things that you have to do when you use your knives, you need to get them sharpened eventually.

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