What Kind Of Lighting Is Best In A Home Theater?

What kind of lighting is best in a home theater? Lighting is an important component of a home theater system. Lighting considerations for a home theater are not only helpful in creating the right images...

Lighting considerations for a home theater are not only helpful in creating the right images on the screen, but also help in creating the right atmosphere for a home theater. When considering a home theater, you will want to look into what types of lighting you will need, as well as what the different styles of lighting will provide to you with the home theater options.

The lighting to a home theater is one of the effects that add to the movie in a traditional theater. According to Dave Tovissi, vice president of systems and design engineering for Tweeter Home Entertainment Group, "Lighting is one of the dramatic parts about going to the movie theaters. When the movie's about to start, the lights dim, but they don't go completely dark. This is because the image is enhanced by having dim lighting." Because of this, you will want to make sure that you have some type of dim lighting to add onto the image of your home theater.

There are typically two types of lighting that are used in a normal theater, and should be part of a regular theater. The first is a sconce on the wall. Usually, these are dim and may have some type of image on them as an advertisement. You can find wall sconce images as a lighting fixture to add to your movie theater. These will usually be covered with a black or brown image and will have strips of lighting through them to add a dim lighting into the room.

The second type of lighting that is typically seen in a movie theater is around the seating. Usually, this is added as a practicality in movie theaters for raised risers. It will allow for those who are moving during the movie to not trip when they are going up the risers. However, you can also put dim lighting around your seat in order to add to the atmosphere and put extra lighting that will always be on during a movie. This will also add to the image that is being seen on the movie screen.

One of the things that you will want to consider before getting the lighting for the seating as well as the scones, is how much will be needed for the theater. The room may be smaller or a different shape, causing a different reflection onto the screen. Because of this, you will want to make sure that the lighting is dim enough and doesn't take over the atmosphere of the room when you are watching the movie.

Having the right lighting affects for a movie is important to consider when building your home theater system. This can not only add an atmosphere to your theater, but will also enhance the image that is on the screen. When considering lighting, you will want to look at the different availabilities and how they will affect the screen. This will allow you the ability to find the right lighting availability for design and implementation of your movie theater.

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