What Kind Of Spa Cover Should I Get With An Endless Pool?

What kind of spa cover should I get with an endless pool? A retractable security cover on your Endless pool is a great idea to keep children out. It comes with a floating cover, but I have always recommended...

It comes with a floating cover, but I have always recommended a retractable security cover. A retractable security cover is really quite wonderful in that it seals off 100 percent of the humidity. It really is what allows you to put one indoors. I have got one in my basement. For example, back East you want to be able to seal off all humidity. I also have small children, so I want to be sure the kids cannot get in it. It is a very popular option. There are probably 10 percent of the people that don't get it, but that is because they have some very specific reason. They don't have children and they are putting it outdoors. They do not need a cover, but it's a very popular option that I recommend.

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