Kindergarten Readiness: Jump Start Kindergarten

Jump start your childs readiness for kindergarten. This article will give you some idea of what to look forin your child to tell if they are ready for Kindergarten or if they need to wait.

Is sending your child to kindergarten becoming a debatable issue with you? Are you not sure if you should send them now or wait another year? It might just depend on when your child was born. If your child has an early birthday they probably will be ready over a child that was born in late summer to early September.

Another issue is how mature your child is. When deciding if your child is mature enough you should consider a few factors. Your child should be able to focus on something for longer than fifteen minutes. Is your child small for their age? This could be a factor in that the other classmates would be bigger than your child and could cause them to feel out of place. Your child should have a good temperament level too.

Your child should have social skills. Is your child able to blend in well and play with other children or do they tend to be shy and play by themselves? You should also consider the issue does your child cry a lot? This could be a problem not only for your child but for the teacher as well as, the other children in the classroom.

The child should also be emotionally ready for school. They should be able to be away from their parents by themselves and be able to adapt to new situations easily.

There should be some consideration taken on what a teacher or pediatrician thinks because children go through a screening process. During this process a teacher or pediatrician may notice such things as a delay in a child's speech. They may tell you after noticing this that your child should wait and go to Kindergarten a year later so your child would be able to obtain these skills. As a parent you shouldn't be concerned if you're suggested to do this because by sending your child a year later your child will get the extra self confidence and boost they need to do better in school.

Your child should also have certain skills to enter into Kindergarten such as being able to follow directions easily, knowing their numbers and alphabet and being able to write their own name. You should also consider simple tasks your child does like are they able to put their coat on by themselves, do they take one step at a time going up and down stairs and are they able to button buttons and snap snaps.

When making the decision to send your child to Kindergarten now or waiting. The main thing to remember is that you should base your decision on your child's own progress and not the progress of what another child is doing or what another parent's decision is.

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