What Are Some Kitchen Cabinet Accessories?

What are some kitchen cabinet accessories? There are variety of different kitchen cabinet accessories. When asked about some of the kitchen cabinet accessories that are available, Ellen Mercer, who has been...

When asked about some of the kitchen cabinet accessories that are available, Ellen Mercer, who has been a kitchen designer for eighteen years and is currently a designer at Cabinet Solutions, offers these examples: "When it comes to ease of access, the cabinet accessories available have come along way. They make use of the space so much easier. For instance, you can get a trash can pull-out. You can get a single bin trash pull-out or double bin trash bin pull-out. You can also get recycling bins that pull-out. They are actually divided into three or four bins. So, that makes the trash handling much, much easier." These pull-out shelves can also be added to organize your bake ware, pots n' pans and be installed in your pantry for easy access to your food items. "There is a 'Lazy Susan' that goes in the corners. They can go in the base cabinets or the wall cabinets." These, traditionally used to store other items, such as can goods or pots and pans are now made available to house your garbage and recycling bins.

Ellen goes on to say, "Now, we have spice drawers built in." They are tilted and can be installed in a drawer that is close to your cooking and/or baking area. You can also add a spice shelf inside of most cabinet doors, if there is enough room.

Ellen says, "The trend seems to be moving towards islands. A big new thing is to put a sink in an island or peninsulas." In addition, when a home has a formal dining room, these are great to use in the place of a traditional table and chairs. Adding a center island or peninsula, with a few stools, not only gives you a place for informal eating and snacking but also provides additional storage.

When designing a kitchen, Ellen comments, "We have drawers that are actually apex, and they hold your dishes in place. Knife drawers and bread drawers have cover trays attached." There are also many dividers available for utensil drawers and "junk" drawers. A divider can purchased to organize all of the items that usually sit loose in a kitchen drawer.

There are also shelves and dividers available for cabinets to take advantage of as much storage space as possible. They come in a variety of sizes and since they are not "installed" can be moved around at your convenience to re-organize your cupboards as products are used and new items purchased.

These are all just a few options available to help you in your kitchen re-model. As Ellen says, "All of these things can be added to a standard cabinet, and the accessories make it so much easier to store and use that space. People should look more at the accessories that are available. They don't add a whole lot to the budget and it is not going to save you a whole lot if you don't have any of them. It is not going to cost you a lot to add a few additional accessories." Any extra cost will be outweighed by the additional organization and, in turn, overall functionality of your kitchen.

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