Kitchen Organization Tips

Kitchen organization tips for your home; try it you are going to love the results.

Being organized in the kitchen can make cooking so much more enjoyable. Try to have major appliances like the refrigerator and stove close to one another. This will save you many steps. Keep your kitchen counter tops free of clutter. Doing this will give you more work more work area. The appliances that are mounted under the cabinets are very nice. They are out of your way and this gives you more counter space. Have a drawer near the stove for cooking utensils such as big spoons egg turners etc. Most stoves have a bottom drawer. Use this drawer to store pot lids and baking pans. Use another drawer to put your forks, spoons and knives in. You can buy all sizes of little trays for this drawer. The trays make it very easy to organize your table ware. A cabinet over your stove is ideal to store spices and other condiments in. A kitchen cabinet professional can install a Lazy Susan in this cabinet for you at very little cost. The Lazy Susan turns on a pedestal and makes finding and seeing your spices very easy. This cabinet is also a good place to store snack foods such as chips, etc.

The cabinet over the stove is also good for storing small appliances that you don't use very often. Another way to store small appliances is to have a carpenter make a wide long shelf for your base cabinet. This will double your storage space. Most people store household cleaners and paper products under the sink. Store your cleaners in little plastic baskets under the sink. These little baskets are so handy! You can buy them at any department store for a couple of dollars. Always group your glasses and cups together on a shelf. The same goes for bowls in one place, plates and saucers. You can buy shelves at a home supply store to put in your freezer. This will double your storage space for meats, etc.

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