Kodak Easy Share Printer Dock G610 Instructions

By Anna Roberts

  • Overview

    The Kodak Easy Share Printer Dock G610 is a feature-rich printer dock that offers many options for printing photos at home. The dock takes about 60 seconds to print a photo, transfers photos to your computer with one button click, and uses Kodak's signature "Perfect Touch" technology to reduce red-eye and enhance photos. Setting up the printer dock will only take a few minutes.
    Kodak Easy Share Printer Dock
    • Step 1

      Remove any ribbon slack on the print cartridge by turning the cartridge spool on the end of the cartridge clockwise with your finger.
    • Step 2

      Insert the color print cartridge into the cartridge compartment in the right side of the dock. Open the cartridge door and slide the cartridge into the compartment until it clicks securely into place. The cartridge can only enter the compartment in one direction so if it won't go in, turn it around.

    • Step 3

      Load the photo paper into the paper tray in the front of the dock with the glossy side up. Do not load more than 30 sheets. Open the door in the front of the machine and slide out the paper tray. Lift the paper tray cover and put in the paper. Close the cover, slide the tray back in and close the door.
    • Step 4

      Connect the camera insert by snapping it onto the top of the dock.
    • Step 5

      Connect the AC power adapter to the dock and the wall outlet.
    • Step 6

      Push your camera down onto the top of the dock to seat it on the connector. Line up the connectors on the bottom of the camera with the connectors on the camera insert that you attached to the top of the dock in Step 4 and press down.
    • Step 7

      Use the arrow keys on top of the dock to select a picture to print.
    • Step 8

      Select "OK/Print."
    • Skill: Moderate
    • Tip: Refer to the manual or setup guide that came with your dock if you have any trouble.
    • Tip: Only use paper and print cartridges that are meant for the Kodak Easy Share Printer Dock G610, available from the Kodak online store or Kodak dealers.

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