All About Kona Bicycles: Parts And Accessories

Kona offers an extensive collection of bicycles, bike parts, and accessories. They use high-quality parts, and they also have some great biker clothing to choose.

Kona is a leader in the bicycle industry, and they have been producing and selling quality bicycles since 1988. The company is based in Ferndale, Washington and Vancouver, British Colombia. They are proud to offer top-quality bikes and high-performance off-road bikes, and they also have some great accessories to choose from. The parts that they use are durable and well-made, and they are quality-tested on some of the toughest bike trails out there.

Kona has several handlebar styles to choose from. Before you buy a bike, you should try out all the various handlebar options because your handlebars are very important to your ability to control the bike. You should feel comfortable and "in control" with the handlebars you select. The grips that you decide on are also important because the grip will ensure that your hands have traction on the bars so that your hands won't slip during a ride, causing you to have riding problems. Not only are Kona grips strong and reliable, but they are also good-looking, so that you can have a safe and stylish ride. The Mooseknuckle Grip, one of Kona's signature grip styles, is especially flashy and attractive.

The stem is the part of a bike that connects the handlebars to the fork steerer. All of Kona'a stems are made from cold-forged aluminum, and they come in an array of styles and sizes. Most of them bear the Kona logo. The cranks are designed very meticulously as well. If you are into riding on rough trails, make sure that you select a crank with Kona's rockguard, such as their Cromoly Bulge ISIS Crank.

Kona's bike pedals promise a cupped-feel, which helps to give you control over your ride, even if you are trekking through some rough terrain. Aside from their extremely high-quality and craftsmanship, the Kona pedals also feature the company logo, and they all have replaceable bearings and pins. The pins are made from stainless steel, so you won't have to worry about them deteriorating after muddy rides.

The seat, or saddle, of the bike, is the part that you sit on. Therefore, it is important that you test out your saddle before making any final choices. Everyone has different opinions when it comes to saddles, and it really comes down to your personal taste and comfort. Make sure that you feel secure and agile in your saddle. Kona offers several styles, and they all feature the company logo and a different design scheme. If cross country riding is your forte, you should check out their Cross Country Saddle by WTB, which comes in red or blue.

Kona bikes may be stylish, but you can actually look fashionable as well by purchasing some items from the Kona clothing line. Obviously, the clothes are great for riding. They are durable, comfortable, and flexible. However, they are also great looking, and almost all of their clothing items bear the flashy company logo. They have hooded sweatshirts, baseball caps, winter hats, Fidel caps; button-up short-sleeved shirts, jeans, and shorts. They also carry clothing items that are perfect for team biking, such as jerseys for men and women, Kona socks, and Lycra shorts. They even carry winter jackets and cargo pants for colder climates.

Kona also offers protective gear. Their gloves come in a variety of styles, both with full hand and finger coverage and in the fingerless style. They also have shin pads and elbow pads. One of the most exciting products is their protective jacket, called the Supreme Jacket, which looks almost turtle-like when worn. It has a high-impact plastic spine protector, which is removable, and it also has removable shoulder cups. This jacket will keep you safe during challenging rough bike rides, and it can also double as an everyday jacket when you take off the protective gear. In addition, they have an extensive collection of back packs and bags.

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