What Is A Lactation Consultant?

What is a lactation consultant? A professional, specialized in breastfeeding, is an excellent resource when a mom is having difficulites breastfeeding. A lactation consultant is a professional very specialized...

A lactation consultant is a professional very specialized in the art and science of breast-feeding support. An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant or an IBCLC is someone who has done many, many, many hours of research and hands on mother baby breast-feeding support and has passed an international exam in order to become certified to handle all of the issues and adequately support the mother experiencing a variety of issues of breast-feeding. It's very helpful for first time mother's to be seen by a lactation consultant. Mothers should also go anytime they are experiencing a baby, who is very, very sleepy and she is not able to get the baby to nurse often enough, anytime the mother has extreme nipple soreness, she should be working with the lactation consultant. Every time the mother is worried about her milk supply, whether it's in the beginning or anytime during her lactation, she should be consulting with her lactation consultant. The other time when it's very helpful for the mother to contact the lactation consultant is that she has had any history of breast surgery or trauma to her breast or if she knows that she is having a baby with special needs, it will be helpful for her to establish a relationship with a lactation consultant before the baby is born so that she can be setup with the right kind of support and tools to help her with the special needs baby. Finally, the woman having twins or triplets definitely needs to have a consultation with a lactation consultant. It is possible to breast-feed multiples, but that mother needs some special preparation and support in order to get her breast feeding relationship off to a good start.

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