All About Land Rovers

Pros and Cons of owning or buying a Land Rover, exterior and interior standard and optional features, models, prices, accessories and engine specs.

The Land Rover has never been a "run of the mill" vehicle. It's unique look, not to mention its other exterior, and interior features, tend to set it apart from other on road / off road vehicles. If you are in the market for a brand new truck, not to mention a brand new way to experience the road, then a Land Rover might just be the vehicle you are looking for!

New Land Rovers start out in the forty thousand dollar range, and that might sound like a lot of money, until you see what this amount of money can buy you. First off, there are different models available that have standard, as well as optional, features you can enjoy. Just looking at the exterior of the Land Rover, you'll see a set of sporty wheels and a stylishly - styled body from the hood to the hatch. You might choose a model that features a solid Alpine glass roof that's located above the seats. Or, maybe you would want a sliding sunroof that moves back and forth with the touch of a button. Either way, the glass roof is a great way to let the sun shine in the day time, or, to watch the stars sparkle at night. No matter what model of Land Rover you choose, the easy - to - open back hatch that leads to the roomy inside is the key to handling groceries, luggage, and other "space - taking" items that you need to haul.

Now, open a door and take a peak at the exterior of a Land Rover. Inside, you'll find either a roomy five - adult or seven - adult seating capacity with plenty of leg - stretching space. (These seats can also be moved easily with the touch of a button.) On all of the newer models, the stadium - style seats fold down to allow even more hauling space. Your passengers will enjoy the comfort of the specially - padded seats and the arm rests. They might even enjoy the rich look and feel of the leather seats and rests, if you choose that optional design. Your passengers can also enjoy your Land Rover's premium AM - FM stereo system with speakers, CD player, and personal rear passenger headphones, front and rear seat cup holders

What you will enjoy, as you climb in behind the driver's seat of the Land Rover, is the standard and optional features that are ready for your use, located right at your fingertips. There is a navigation system with a touch screen, electronic cruise control, front fog lights, heated windshield washers, and more! Some features, such as the automatic headlights and the automatic rain-sensing wipers, operate on their own without your direction.

What you can't see, is the V- 8 engine that's ready and waiting to take you down the highway. It also features standard four - wheel drive power to take you off road too. Land Rovers also come with a "Park Distance Control" feature. This can help you to avoid hitting objects that are in the way when you are backing up. Also available is an automatic transmission with CommandShiftâ-¢. This feature adjusts the transmission speed so that it matches the way that you drive. Land Rovers also sport an independent, electronically - controlled suspension,

an anti - lock braking system that helps to keep the wheels from binding up during heavy operation, and many, many more features!

If you think a Land Rover might be just the vehicle you are looking for, they can be found at your local dealership or by performing a search on the Internet.

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