Landscaping And Decorating: Feng Shui Yard Arrangement Tips

Read helpful money-saving landscaping tips that apply feng shui principles. Learn how energy flow is affected by tree and bush placement.

Feng Shui (pronounced "˜fung shway') is the Chinese art of harmonious interplay between yin and yang, which promotes balance and efficient energy flow. This produces a pleasant atmosphere of peace and harmony, creating space that beckons with color and soft airiness. It isn't necessary to spend large amounts of money to buy décor for your yard. Feng Shui is the arrangement and placement of trees, shrubs and flowerbeds in such a way that energy from these actually harmonizes with the house, garage, and any other building or feature in your yard.

The front yard should present a wide, smooth lawn on which a gently curving path leads to an open, unobstructed entrance into the house. A curved path slows the energy and promotes a feeling of rest while the energy of a straight path is like a speeding arrow shot from a bowstring straight toward the front door.

Resist the urge to plant bushes or trees close to your house, or by the curb. Trees are known in feng shui to carry powerful energy. They can cause blockage and the roots can interfere with foundations. Keep big trees to a minimum and plant far from the house so they don't cause blockage. Use shades on porches and patios if needed.

Avoidance of big rocks or rock gardens at the entrance of your home is essential to keep energy flow open. Save your creative rock garden ideas for the back yard where the energy flows naturally away from the house rather than toward it, as in the front.

Water fountains and ponds should always be used in front of the house and never behind. Divide your front yard into four quadrants and center your water feature somewhere within the front two quadrants. The strengthening and supportive energy of the water lends itself to this side of the house, but is dispersed and chaotic if situated behind. If you have a pool behind your house, you may wish to consult a feng shui expert. Professional advice, based on your individual specifications and needs, is usually required to redirect the energy flow in your back yard, thus diminishing the conflicting energy caused by the water.

Trees and taller bushes in your back yard should be placed on the left and toward the far end, as you stand behind your house and face your yard. If you have tall trees throughout your yard, keep the spaces between them clear.

The energy of low-level shrubs and flowerbeds is best on the right hand side of the back yard. Avoid dense, dark foliage. Rather, leave plenty of space between foliage for energy and light flow.

Keep any pathway to the sides and laid out in a gentle curve from the back of the house to the end of the yard. Rocks can be used to neatly line the path, if desired. Resist planting your favorite flowers or herbs close to walkways. This could make your yard look messy and your walkway look overcrowded.

Be creative and spontaneous with varieties of brightly colored flowers and pungent herbs in their season, but set beds away from the open center of the yard. Weed beds regularly and prune dead growth.

The most important aspect of a feng shui landscape is open, airy, uncluttered space. According to Feng Shui experts, this is conducive to an uncluttered life.

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