Landscaping Your Yard

For many of us, buying a home is an immense step in our lives. Not only the financial aspect, but also the decorating and renovating can be a time consuming, costly venture. The exterior part of the home usually holds less importance than the rest of the home.

Decorating the exterior part can be done inexpensively with a bit of creativity and time. Firstly, flowers are a great way to improve the look of your yard and home. Flower boxes can be purchased fairly cheap. If you shop around at garage sales they can be picked up for a very good price. Just slap a coat of paint on the used flower boxes and they are good as new. Flower boxes add beauty to the exterior of your home when placed below the windows. The hooks are available at most hardware stores.

Another way to present your flowers is with hanging baskets. These look very nice at the entryways, hanging from the soffit beside the doorways. Planter boxes and flower boxes are great in any part of the yard. They look nice on the front steps or on the deck if you have one.

If you have the room in your yard (front or back) flowerbeds can be built inexpensively. Garden ties can be purchased from most hardware stores; they usually come in an olive or terra cotta color. But you can paint them whichever color you prefer. These garden ties are great for building a tiered flowerbed, low in the front and a higher box in the rear. Whatever you choose it can be done fairly easily. Garden ties are also useful for building boxes around trees, about two tiers high is sufficient.

After building the boxes for the trees you can put some decorative rock or bark for added décor. Wooden ladders can be incorporated in your exterior décor also. Get an old wooden ladder; paint it whatever color you desire. Place it against the back of the house, maybe under a window. Then plant some flowers in small pots; place one on each step of the ladder. This adds an eye-catching decoration for your yard.

There are many types of different stones available for yard decorations. Some are designed as large footprints, an array of brick patterns and colors to make interesting, unique sidewalks. Trellises are a great tool for improving the look of your yard. They can be placed against the house or fencing. Find yourself a climbing plant such as a Clematis, which is a very hearty plant. It grows quickly and blooms fragrant flowers. They are usually dark purple and they look lovely. You can either buy the trellis or make one fairly easily with some scrap wood. Lastly, lighting can enhance the look of your yard in the evening. Garden lights can be wired in or they also come in solar powered form. Placing these lights strategically around your flowerbeds and or along your front walkway really adds beauty to your yard. If you want something with more color, patio lanterns may be what you need. They can be strung around your deck or along the fence.

All of these ideas listed above can be fun and done inexpensively to improve the look of your yard.

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