Lapband Surgery Side Effects

By Jennifer Eblin

  • Overview

    Lapband is a surgical procedure intended to help the obese lose weight and become healthier. A small band is placed on the stomach to create a pouch. This pouch fills up quickly, allowing the individual to feel full quicker. While it's a popular procedure, there are some side effects associated with it, including death.
  • Band Complications

    Band complications are one possible side effect of the Lapband procedure. When the band slips inside the stomach, it causes the size of the pouch to change. When this happens, it causes the stomach pouch to become bigger and stops the individual from losing weight. It can also result in more serious problems, which lead the doctors to go back into the stomach and adjust the band. This only happens in a small number of cases.
  • Stomach Problems

    Some people who have had the Lapband procedure done experienced stomach problems later. This usually occurs when the band leaks, erodes into the stomach or slips out of place. There are instances of the stomach becoming blocked, which leads to vomiting and the in ability to swallow food. There are also problems associated with nausea and the feeling like one is going to be sick. Ulcers are another problem found with some who underwent the Lapband operation.

  • Weight Side Effects

    While the Lapband procedure was created to help those with excess weight lose the pounds, it doesn't always work the way it was planned. There are many people who had the procedure done and lost no weight, or only a small amount of weight over an extended period of time. There are other patients who lost a significant amount of weight, but then regained the pounds. This usually happens as the result of the band slipping and the stomach pouch widening.
  • Miscellaneous Side Effects

    There are some side effects associated with Lapband surgery that don't fall under a specific heading. One of these is problems swallowing. Another is dehydration, which usually occurs because the individual can't keep food or water down. They also experience prolonged flatulence, bloating and constipation. The band can also begin leaking, which causes the stomach pouch to grow and the individual to stop losing weight. The stomach pouch can also enlarge due to food inside the pouch, which causes the band to slip or fall off completely.
  • Death

    The one side effect of Lapband surgery that many don't want to consider is death. There are a small number of people who die as the result of this procedure every year. This occasionally happens on the operating table, but sometimes happens later. Some people may find that they're allergic to the material used to create the band. Others lose their life as the result of the band placement. The band may be too tight, which prevents them from obtaining the nutrients they need to survive.
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