What Large And Small Kitchen Appliances Should A Beginner Cook Or Baker Have?

What large and small kitchen appliances should a beginner cook or baker have? Some baking supplies for the beginner and advanced baker. Let's say it's time to set up shop for the beginner cook or baker....

Let's say it's time to set up shop for the beginner cook or baker. Maybe he or she will rise to great heights and eventually create world renown entrees and delectable desserts. Maybe instead he or she will simply enjoy baking or cooking for the family. And an unlikely few will undoubtedly decide they just don't like to cook or bake at all. Regardless of which category you think you fall into, there are some simple basics that are a must for large and small kitchen appliances when setting up a functional kitchen

Jennifer Bartos swears by her oven, but doesn't attribute success to the oven itself, but rather to the oven's thermometer. She should know, too. As the owner and operator of the All in One Bake Shop, Bartos is an expert in baking supplies.

"One of the most important things you really need to have is a high quality oven thermometer," she explains. "I don't care if you're a beginner or an advanced cook or baker,all recipes are going to require that mixtures be baked at a certain temperature, and many ovens can be off by 25 to 50 degrees."

This variation can make a drastic difference in the result of quality baked goods. Recipes simply won't turn out correctly if the oven isn't calibrated to the right temperature. Cakes and cookies will burn, and main dishes like roasts and casseroles will dry out,and possibly burn as well. Undercooking is a concern in incorrectly calibrated ovens. Always verify the inside temperature of meat or poultry with a meat thermometer prior to serving.

"When you have a thermometer, you know that if your oven truly runs at 375 degrees when set at 350,and you can then adjust the baking time to compensate for the irregularity," Bartos says.

Lots of small and large appliances are highly over rated in today's kitchen, with many of the functions they feature just as easily performed by hand. Concentrating on good utensils like stainless steel knives might be a better option than investing in choppers. Good wooden or silicone utensils are cheaper and more efficient than mixers. And elbow grease has been around a lot longer than electric beaters have. Investing in some of these appliances is definitely a toss-up.

One small (or I guess this might qualify as a medium-sized appliance?) that is invaluable and serves a multitude of uses is the microwave oven. From melting butter or thawing ingredients to heating up snacks and meals,no kitchen in this day and age should be without a microwave oven. They used to be costly appliances, but at many department or mass retail stores can be found these days for as little as $35.

Pick and choose wisely when buying large and small appliances for a beginner cook or baker. Don't succumb to fads and instead rely on tried and true standards. Add pieces as your abilities and needs for them increase. If you're not certain whether a certain appliance will help or hinder your efforts, considering borrowing one from someone for a few days before you commit to purchasing.

Easy does it is a good rule of thumb when furnishing a kitchen. Read, research, do price comparisons,but most of all talk to experienced cooks and bakers. They are sometimes the best resource when determining what your kitchen must be equipped with.

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