How to Last Longer in Bed for Women

By Michelle Powell-Smith

  • Overview

    Lasting longer in bed is a concern of many people. While the problem is usually with him and not her, it isn't always true. A number of issues can prevent women from enjoying prolonged lovemaking, and most of them are easily remedied, allowing both of you to feel more fulfilled in bed. Women can also work with their partners to help them last longer. While not every sexual encounter has to be the equivalent of a marathon, if you are perennially having quickies, you may want to try some strategies to allow for more extended lovemaking.
    • Step 1

      Identify the problem. While men most commonly worry about premature ejaculation, orgasm is less of a relevant consideration for women in this situation. Position, vaginal dryness or sensitivity can all lead women to needing a bit of assistance lasting longer in bed.
    • Step 2

      Use a good-quality sexual lubricant to prevent vaginal dryness and irritation. Talk with your partner about the importance of foreplay and the type of foreplay you prefer. Let him know that your discomfort is causing you to avoid extended lovemaking, and that you would like to last longer in bed, but that you need to work together to achieve that goal.

    • Step 3

      Make yourself comfortable. Avoid positions that put unnecessary strain on your back or thighs, and do not hesitate to speak up if you need to switch positions. Pillows or specialty foam supports made for sex will work well for many couples, reducing fatigue and strain for both of you.
    • Step 4

      Be aware of sensitivity issues. Many women--even those who are comfortable with and capable of multiple orgasms--find stimulation quite uncomfortable for a few minutes after orgasm. Instead, cuddling or focusing on your partner during this time can allow you to eventually resume sex, rather than ending the evening feeling uncomfortable and overstimulated.
    • Step 5

      Visit your health-care provider. If you are avoiding extended lovemaking due to discomfort, consider speaking to your physician. Hormonal concerns, menopause and other women's health issues can all lead to pain and discomfort during sexual activity. Often, these conditions are easily treated and remedied, allowing you to last longer in bed and have a more fulfilling sex life.
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    • Sexual lubricant
    • Pillows
    • Tip: Sexual aids, including lubricants and vibrators, can add not only spice to your lovemaking but also help you to last longer in bed.
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    • Avoid numbing creams, as they can cause irritation and discomfort.

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