What to Do to Last Longer During Sex

By Timothy Sexton

  • Overview

    Even if you don't technically suffer the effects of premature ejaculation, you may still have the desire to last longer in bed. While great sex does not necessarily have anything at all to do with the length of time that is spent in actual intercourse, it certainly won't hurt to add an extra 10, 20, or even 30 minutes to the festivities. A number of things can be done to make yourself last longer during sex, and many of them don't even involve taking pills.
  • Slow It Down

    It may seem obvious, but during the heat of passion it can be easily forgotten. One of the most effective ways to turn a five-minute lovemaking session into a great half hour of sex is simply to slow down the rhythm. Obvious, yes, but not always easy. When things really get going it may be hard to consciously think about and accept the idea of decreasing pleasure, but by easing back on the thrusting, you can actually prolong that pleasure.
  • Replay the Super Bowl

    OK, don't take that too literally. The key here is to think about something else. It may also help to close your eyes so that you are not looking at your partner. The male is especially visually stimulated and it may actually be the act of seeing your lover's body that sends you over the edge. As you begin approaching the point of no return, send your mind far away. Replay the Super Bowl or do complicated math or try to remember the names of everyone you knew in high school or memorize the statistics of your favorite ballplayer. There are no rules.

  • Different Positions

    Some positions just naturally lend themselves to a quicker climax. That whole thing about losing control over looking at your lover's body? If you are a breast man, try a position where you can't see your partner's breasts; if you are overstimulated by the bottom, then avoid entry from behind. The woman on top is also recommended because the woman controls the rhythm and because the pressure on the penis inhibits ejaculation more than other common positions.
  • Practice

    Yes, practice means what you think. Masturbation is a terrific way to learn how to make yourself last longer. Masturbation also helps teach you about how you are feeling when you are nearing ejaculation. By understanding just how far you can go before it's too late, you will better be able to manipulate things during the real show.
  • Wear a Condom

    While it is true that many a man has exaggerated the lack of sensitivity that comes with wearing a condom in order to convince his partner that he shouldn't wear one, the truth is that condoms do reduce sensitivity in most men. The degree to which sensibility is affected varies, but the important thing to remember if you are having trouble lasting as long as you want in bed is that wearing a condom may just be enough to allow 5 or 15 extra minutes of pleasure.
  • Variate

    One particularly pleasurable way to make an evening in bed last longer than you are used to is to take a break in the middle; several breaks, for that matter. Foreplay does not have to come before sex. Why not jump right into intercourse and then, when that feeling begins, pull out and engage in other types of sexual fun. By pulling out before you hit the point of no return, you not only can make sex last much, much longer, you can also pleasure your partner multiple times as well as receive other types of pleasure yourself.
  • Medication

    If nothing else works, then it may be time to turn to medication. That does not necessarily mean Viagra, however. Many anti-depressant medicines like Prozac often come with side effects that prolong the process of reaching ejaculation. The problem may actually become the opposite, however; you may find yourself taking two, three or even five times longer to climax than normal.
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