How to Last Longer at Sex

By Hannah Rice Myers

  • Overview

    Sex not only does it play a major role in the vitality of a relationship, it plays a major role in one's sense of self-confidence when it comes to performance in the bedroom. Men especially seem to judge their manhood by whether or not they can outlast the energizer bunny; if the bunny beats them, they feel like they have failed miserably. There is an easy fix to this problem, though, and it only takes a little practice to outrun that rascally rabbit.
    Lasting longer in bed
    • Step 1

      Squeeze. When you feel yourself begin to become extremely excited, stop what you're doing and squeeze your penis just below the head, focusing the pressure on the urethra, almost as if you are trying to prevent yourself from urinating. This will push the blood flow out of the penis which will temporarily stop your urge to ejaculate.
    • Step 2

      Press. Rather than thrust, press your penis against your mate's clitoris. Then take a moment and lounge in the vaginal opening where the most sensitive nerve endings are located. This will not only drive her crazy, but help prolong your ejaculation time as well. When you finally do enter, begin slowly, penetrating only 2 or 3 inches initially.

    • Step 3

      Shut down your mind. Sex is as much mental as it is physical. If you are concentrating on how quickly you may have an orgasm, you will have an orgasm quickly. Instead, stop thinking about orgasms, relax and enjoy what is going on around you. Savor every smell, taste and sensation; just don't think.
    • Step 4

      Exercise. Kegels are a great way to regain control of your penis and the power you have over it. Tighten the muscles as though you are urinating and stopping it mid-stream and then starting again. When you do this, hold for a count of 10, then release. By tightening the muscles, you are allowing for greater control when it comes to ejaculation, thus allowing for a longer sexual performance. These exercises can be practiced anywhere, anytime.
    • Step 5

      Change positions. Just when you are at your peak of arousal, change sexual positions. When men are on top, they are prone to come faster. Therefore, when you change positions and have your mate on top, she will be more likely to climax first. The added perk is that by stopping for a moment to change positions, your arousal will drop for a moment and will take time to build back up, allowing you to last longer during intercourse.
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