What Are Lateral Retractable Awnings For Patios And Decks?

What are lateral retractable awnings for patios and decks? They are the awnings that go over the windows or patios. Awnings can beautify any patio or deck against the elements of nature. Our patio and deck...

Awnings can beautify any patio or deck against the elements of nature. Our patio and deck expert Lori Snider, owner of Sundeks in Austin, Texas, says the reason most people buy them is for looks and convenience.

"They go over the windows or patios. They have a remote control that moves them up and down. We recommend that people get one for their patio or deck," Snider says.

Awnings are popular because they can help relieve you from the sun and rain. According to the website, dulley.com, the sun can cost your electric bills to go up when it shines directly on your glass patio door. Awnings also allow you to stay outside longer because they provide nice cool shade.

If you are outdoors a lot, a lateral retractable awning might be a good idea for you. During the day you can cover up your patio or deck to protect from the rain, and at night you can remove it to gaze at the stars.

You can install your own lateral arm retractable awning. Once you set it up, it will practically be invisible on the wall. You can open one any distance, from one foot to 13 feet, and other available widths go from four feet to 40 feet. You can mount your awning on the walls of your house, the roof edge or hidden under the roof overhang. All you will need are four support brackets.

The movable awning has joints that move it out when opened. When it retracts the awning contracts and folds itself into a compartment on the wall.

Awnings are built slightly downward to let rain fall off. Automatic wind and rain sensors can be purchased with your awning, as well.

You can place screens to the sides of your awning. This is a good idea if you are trying to keep pests and insects away. If your deck is not located against your house, consider using a freestanding "butterfly" awning. It retracts into a center roll by turning a hand crank. Another type is using side tracks; however, they use vertical supports.

Awnings also come motorized. With this type of system, you can use a remote control to open and close your awning. You might want to get a professional to install it, as it uses electricity to function. However, a handy homeowner can install this type of awning, if he or she feels confident.
Awnings are made with water-resistant fabrics. They come in different colors and designs. You can even have your awnings custom made. A good idea is to call around and talk to different patio and deck companies. See who they recommend for the installation of your lateral retractable awning. If you are going to install it, make sure you talk to someone who has done it before. Ask them for some tips. A good idea is to at least have two people install an awning. What one person overlooks, the other person catches.

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