Laundry Cleaning Tips

Laundry cleaning tips! Learn how to make doing the laundry fun, easy and less time consuming.

1) This works well with young children. Using a poker chip or wooden nickel, place it somewhere in one of the dirty clothes that are laying all over the house. It should be placed in an area of the clothing where it will stay, such as a pocket or the tip of a sock. Then prepare your children to play this game.

Each child gets a laundry basket and picks up as much laundry as they can find and brings it back to their basket. They have to do it quickly too. Once this is done, they have to go through every item and try to find the token. Part of the rules is that they must remove any articles from all the pockets and they must unroll all of the socks. Once all the items have been gone through, then you announce which item was the "token" for the game this time. Change the item each time so that they don't stop looking if they find it right away. Decide on a special reward for the one that finds the token: a candy, coke, ice cream or whatever. You can also give a reward for the quickest or the one who got the most laundry or whatever to reward the other children as well. This game will help ensure that all the pockets are empty and the socks are unrolled and you didn't have to collect all the laundry.

2) If you don't have time to fold or hang all of the laundry that just finish drying, dump the items out of the basket. Begin dividing items like socks, pants, shirts, towels. If you have items that wrinkle easily, get to them first. Any item that you would normally fold or hang, instead place it flat on the bed (or couch depending on where you are doing this). Items like towels and underwear are not as critical, because it's not a big deal if they wrinkle just a bit. By laying everything flat, you will prevent wrinkles and can postpone putting the clothes away until you have a little more time. You can lay everything out a little at a time and then fold or hang everything at the same time, which seems to get it done quicker.

3) SOCK day. One day a week, wash all the socks and undies. Then go to an area of the house where you can get away from the rest of the family and match the socks and fold the underwear. This will give you some "quiet time" and it gets the dreaded task of sorting socks done at the same time. Let the family know if they disturb you, they have to sort the socks themselves!

4) Wear and wash alike. If your children are still young or if you have a wide selection of clothing, color coordinate the family's wardrobe so that every one wears like colors the same day. At the end of the day, wash everything together.

5) Don't just sort by color, sort by category. Sort your clothes by whites, darks, levi's and towels, then sort again by category. The reason for this is because it can be very frustrating to pull out a load of socks, undies and T-shirts because you washed a load of whites and now your stuck folding underwear for an hour. If you will toss in a few towels and possible a few white shirts or a white dress, the task will go much quicker. Diversity makes the task go much quicker. This keeps each load pretty equal as far as "put-up" time and makes it less boring as well. You may also prefer to sort according to fold or hang categories.

6) Use sock sorters. You know the little clippy things that you connect a pair of socks. While they may seem time consuming and more trouble than they are worth, consider how much time you spend sorting and searching for socks. Using these little devices will help reduce your laundry chore quite a bit.

7) If the rest of your family comes running to you complaining "I don't have any underwear" or "I don't have any shirts", and they give you this look of "it's all your fault cause you should know that I wore my last clean pair yesterday", it's time to turn the tables. Remind your family that you don't go in and do inventory of everyone's

underwear on a daily basis!! Take a recipe card and write on it "I just used my last pair of clean underwear". Now, when you do the laundry, place this card on top of the last pair of undies in the drawer. Tell your spouse (as it's not only women that do laundry) and your kids that when they reach this card to place it on your pillow (or

wherever you decide is most obvious for you!). When you get this card, you know that you better do a load of laundry TODAY!!! And if they forget to give you the little note, tell them to wash their own undies and stop complaining.

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