Laundry Room Tips: Introduction To Dryers

Dryer are machines that dry wet clothing. Learn how to use them properly so you can save time, money and energy.

Unless you live in a nudist colony you need to wear clothing. Since clothing usually gets dirty, this means you will have to clean it. You now have two choices. Either you get someone else to do your laundry for you or you can do it yourself. If your mom decided it's about time she stopped being your personal laundress or paying for someone else to do your laundry is impossible, you will have learn how to get your own clothing dry.

Fortunately drying clothing is very easy. Here again you have two choices. You can either stick them on a line to get dry or you can put your dirty clothing in the dryer. An outside line complete with clothespins and sturdy string is fine idea if you live a warm and dry climate. But if there's a foot of snow on the ground being pushed around by howling winds, a clothes dryer is the only way you'll get dry clothing on your back again. Dryers typically come in two types: the Laundromat version and the at-home use kind. If your dwelling is a rental, you probably don't have a dryer. Without access to a home use dryer you'll have to go the Laundromat.

Before you leave the house to go there with your wardrobe, carefully sort out your clothing by type of fabric. Different fabrics dry at different times. In particular, artificial fibers like polyester and acrylics have a much shorter drying time than natural fibers like cotton and wool. Take this into account and put them into dryer together. Bring hangers with you so you can place your clothes the hangers immediately after you take your clothing out of the dryer. This will reduce wrinkles. Make sure the hangers aren't made of metal or your clothing could get rust stains. Another thing to avoid is clothes that are squashed together before you place them in the dryer. Laying out items before you place them in the dryer is another technique that helps reduce wrinkles and allows clothing to dry faster.

Laundromat dryers are typically large machines that can fit in several loads at once. Users place quarters in the slot next to the dryer to activate the machine. Commercial clothes dryers are most often front loading machines. This means you place your wet clothing in the front rather than on top. Most clothes dryers have at least four cycle choices: colors, knits or delicates, whites and fluff. Chose one to match the material of the clothing you're drying. Whites typically require higher heat than knits. You can use the fluff cycle if your clothing is merely damp. Most dryers also allow users to decide exactly how long they want the dryer to run. Select the least possible time you need so you don't over dry your clothing. Too much heat can ruin the fabric of any garment. A good rule of thumb is to allow at least half an hour for every full load of laundry.

It's better to do several smaller loads of clothing rather than one huge load. While your laundry is drying it's a very good idea to stay in front of the machine you've chosen, particularly if the Laundromat is very busy. Unfortunately unscrupulous people have been known to drag your clothing out of the dryer before it's fully dry. One of the benefits of home ownership is the ability to install a dryer for your own personal usage. At home dryers must be maintained by the user. Fortunately most dryers available today are easy to use and maintain. If you're purchasing a new unit, look for one that's energy efficient. This will save you money on utility bills. You may also wish to buy one that stacks on top of a dryer to save space. Good places to keep a dryer are the basement or in a closet upstairs. Dryers can be noisy so a location out of hearing distance from the rest of the house is essential.

Once you've installed the unit, make sure to double check the lint filter frequently. Ensure it isn't clogged or you'll wind up with a dryer that works slower and eats up energy. Keep all laundry supplies such as baskets and hangers right next to dryer to avoid unnecessary trips. Whether you go to the corner Laundromat or the just down the basement steps, a properly used dryer will make your clothing last longer and your life easier.

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