Lavender Sachet For Your Car

Make your own Lavender sachet for your car that soothes and refreshes your mind and spirit -- instead of giving you a pine-scented headache.

Has your car lost that new-car smell? Are you tired of pine tree and pine-cone scents invading your nostrils every time you get into your car? Throw those chemical-laced air "fresheners" out and make your own simple and re-usable lavender air freshener.

You'll need:

Lavender plant pieces or buds

A handkerchief

Needle (large for 1/4" ribbon and regular size)Thread

Lavender essential oil

Ribbon (1/4" wide)

All items listed above can easily be found in your local craft or floral supply store. Use lavender harvested from your own plants or search on-line under "lavender" or "lavender buds" to find them.

First, fold handkerchief in half. Fold it in half again. At this point you can iron it for a more distinctive square shape or leave it the way it is. Sew three sides together useing needle and thread or a sewing machine if you like.

Fill the unsewn side of the handkerchief with lavender plant pieces and/or buds. Sprinkle the pieces with lavender essential oil. Several drops will do. The oil will penetrate the plant pieces/buds and permeate the air around them with the scent.

Thread large needle with 1/4" ribbon and loosely thread to keep plant pieces inside your home-made sachet. Tie off with a knot and you're done.

Get into your car, place your new air freshener in your glove box, under your seat, or stick under your visor. Sit, relax, and revel in the lavender scent. When you begin to notice the scent fading, just refresh your home-made air freshener with several more drops of the lavender essential oil. Most importantly, say good-bye to those pine tree headaches!

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