Lawn Care Problem

Learn the most common lawn care problems and how to treat them.

First, let's just walk around your lawn as I do mine, are there bare spots? If so, here are my thoughts. On the bare spots I cultivate them with my hoe and sometimes my shovel and just work up the soil to a depth of about 5 inches and then I work in a balanced lawn fertilizer available at your local nursery or store. After I have worked in the lawn fertilizer I'll take my rake and the rake the area very smooth and then I will spread a good quality lawn seed of the type that I have already planted on my lawn, and take my

spade and then tap it lightly to firm up the seeds so that the wind won't blow them away. After this I mulch with perhaps a little straw, some use straw, burlap or mesh, I usually use straw and do this over the entire area where I

noticed the bare spot, and also I will sprinkle this area almost daily till I see the new growth growing and soon I won't have that bare spot at all in that area.

When I mow my lawn as I do feel it is necessary very often and I do when the grass seems to have grown and just would look better and more attractive if I mowed. Look on the planting directions or consult your local nursery regarding the type of grass you have planted and the depth of your lawn mower blade as you don't want to mow too short or even leave too much.

Most of the time I don't rake the clippings, now if I have been out of town and have neglected the grass and haven't mowed and I will have an abundance of grass clippings then I will rake. I feel the small amount of grass clipping from properly and often mowing my lawn help to build a better lawn. Of course there are many different opinions on this as my neighbor rakes every time he cuts or uses the bag on the lawnmower to catch the grass clippings: I hardly ever have the bag to catch the clippings attached to my mower, as I don't find it necessary.

Let's discuss watering of the lawn, if you have spots where the grass doesn't seem to be growing, then you are perhaps neglecting to water these areas of your lawn, and if your grass just isn't looking as you think it should, watering could be your problem. Did you realize that just light

watering of a lawn can actually not be helpful to obtaining a beautiful lawn as the lawn needs deep watering. If you don't have plentiful rainfall you will need to water deeply, I also recommend testing the ground and seeing that the water is reaching a depth of five to six inches but if water is available and not too expensive and you have the time, I would go to a depth of 12 inches, depending on your rainfall in your area. The lawn should hold this moisture in some areas for a long time, remember you can over water

and hurt your lawn also, so with experience with your lawn you'll reach a happy medium on watering.

If you see patches of brown or wilted grass you could have lawn pests, try to identify them and go to your local nursery and ask what you might use on these pests, usually a local nursery is very knowledgable in this respect and you can fully trust them.

Sometimes you'll have spots that seem to be not level in your lawn and you can as I told you above on the bare spots just apply a soil mixture right over the bad spots and water in and it will be fine, these are not usually as bad as bare spots and just filling in with a lawn mixture of soil and some seed usually will work.

I find that my lawn needs a little fertilizer once in awhile, one that is balanced with nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous and also one that will fight weeds, well it actually helps the grass to fight weeds. Be very careful with fertilizer as it can burn your lawn. I feed my lawn in the early fall and also in the spring and don't at any other time, some others feed more often but I don't feel it is necessary costwise or even necessary at all. That is another reason I allow my grass clipping to say in the soil on the lawn, they will decompose quickly and help my lawn.

I do hope that my suggestions have been of help. Now just get out your lawn chairs and enjoy the benefits of having a healthy and beautiful lawn.

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