Lawn Care Tips: Over Seeding A New Lawn

Overseeding will establish lawns with some practised principles. This will improve lawns making hardier root structure in regards to weeds and bare spots.

Over seeding a lawn is a typical practice for those in the South and Southeast who want a green lawn year round. It typically improves a lawns quality and will keep it less weedy. Many people only think of over seeding a lawn when they begin to see bare patches in their current lawn. However, the best way to do an over seeding is to wait until autumn and reseed the entire lawn with the alternative seed than what your current lawn already has. For example, if you seeded your lawn with warm season grass, which is typical for the South, then you will over seed that established lawn with a cool season winter grass. This means that when the warm season grass dies out then you will have the cool season grass come in for the winter season. Hence, you will have a year round green lawn.

If you want to over seed a lawn that has less than 50% coverage of grass blades, it is typically better to go ahead and till under the grass and reseed the entire area rather than try to fill in bare patches and over seed the grass patches you already have. This will give you a more uniform lawn.

Preparing to over seed a lawn

1- Mow the existing grass lawn to under 2inches. Rake the clippings and remove so that the new seed can make contact with the soil.

2- Aerate the lawn with core aerators. You can rent these or, if you are resourceful, you can walk around the lawn in golf shoes or any type of shoes with spikes in the soles. At the very least you can roll around those spiked revolving wheels in the garden centers.

3- You may want to sprinkle a bit on topsoil on the lawn to help with over seeding. Rake in after you spread so that it is aerated and uniform.

How to over seed

1- Prepare the lawn as shown above.

2- Spread one handful of new grass seed per square yard.

3- Spread a very thin layer of new sifted soil over the seed

4- Water throughout. Carefully mow at a higher setting until the new seed is established, generally 4-6 weeks.

Bare patches can be over seeded by raking the area and scoring the earth. Spreading the seed over the ground and then lightly covering it with a rich nutrient laced soil and a thin covering of hay or straw to keep seed from being eaten by the birds.

Tips for a better lawn

1- Make sure new lawns, new seeded bare patches, or a fresh over seeding are watered several times a day, lightly. This should continue for at least the first few weeks.

2- Approximately a month and a half after new grass sprouts, use a quick release fertilizer. Repeat again after another month and a half passes.

3- The best season for over seeding a lawn is in fall, around September. If you cannot do so then, try in spring, around March.

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