Lawn Care Tips: Removing And Preventing Mushrooms And Fungus

Mushrooms are fairly easy to remove and prevent if you follow a few suggestions.

Mushrooms do not harm your turf. They are a good sign of soil fertility. Mushrooms are a type of fungus and usually highly increased moisture levels will bring them into your lawn areas. Mushrooms feed on decaying organic material. Only thatch or soil is attacked by most fungus types. Mushrooms do not attack live grass. If you have shallow dead roots, construction debris or lots of thatch then these will become hosts for mushrooms and other types of fungi to feed upon.

In most cases mushrooms will disappear when the moisture content is decreased and a normal moisture level returns. Regular mowing is usually all that is needed to control this type of fungus. Chemicals would not be feasible against fungus. Try to use natural ways to rid your lawn of mushrooms and any other type of fungus you may encounter in your home lawn areas.

In most cases mushrooms are just an eyesore to most people. Fungus type mushrooms are just a little bit of a nuisance at most. It is rare that these type mushrooms are poisonous. Do not eat any mushrooms found in the wild anyway, as you do not know all kinds of mushrooms that are out there. It is better to be safe than sorry. The spores of mushrooms can cause allergies in some people, so it is usually best to mow before they produce any spores. A bagger attachment on your lawn mower is a good way to contain the spores while you are mowing your turf. Do not put the lawn clippings in your compost pile as this will just spread the spores. Dispose of any fungus clippings with the infected grass in a proper waste container.

Fairy rings are outward growing fungi and these mushrooms also feed on organic material such as dead roots or debris. All grass types and varieties are susceptible to fairy rings. Each year, if and when the fairy ring returns, it will most likely be larger and the grass inside the ring will look stressed. Follow these suggestions to get rid of fairy rings and other fungi.

It is hard to completely get rid of fungi, fairy rings or other types of mushrooms in home turf areas. You can keep the population down or non-problematic and rare at best. Keep your soil open and free of thatch. This will allow good water penetration and let moisture disperse throughout the root system. Aeration helps keep mushrooms to a minimum also. Fertilize and water regularly but do not over water. Over watering will increase the moisture levels to attract the fungi and mushrooms. Then when you get mushrooms you will attract small animals that feed on the mushrooms. These small animals will dig your yard up and be much more of a problem than the mushrooms ever were. When you fertilize your lawn use lower amounts of nitrogen. Stop fertilizing in mid to late summer. Trim overhead tree branches to encourage more sunlight penetration to grassy areas.

If you already have a problem with fungi mushrooms, be sure and treat your tools to prevent spreading of fungal spores. They will need to be sterilized with a solution of bleach water. Always clean and dry your tools well after any contact with fungus of any type.

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