Lawn Care Tips: Removing Sod Grass

To remove sod grass is a simple procedure than can be done with a sod cutter or by hand. Information on sodding and different kinds of grasses.

If your yard is made up of sod grass, it might one day be necessary to remove part or even all of the sod. The reasons for removing sod vary. Maybe you have dead spots in your yard, and it will be better to just remove the sod and start over. Keep in mind that your efforts will eventually produce a healthier, more attractive lawn. Maybe you want to create a garden spot, sidewalk, or patio. You will need to remove the sod so you can prepare the soil.

To begin the process of removing sod grass, you need to first determine just how big an area you want to remove. If you need to be very precise in your efforts, it might help you to use a chalk line and mark the sections of the sod you are going to remove. If you have a large area of sod to remove, it will be easier if you have a sod-cutter. Sod-cutters are gas powered tools that you can roll. They cut the sod into approximately sixteen inch wide strips. Simply cut the strips and lift and pull the sod up using a sharp spade. If you don't want to make a permanent investment in a sod cutter, you can usually find one to rent.

If you are working with a small area or you just don't want to spend the money to rent or buy a sod cutter, you can cut and lift your sod by hand. You want to make sure your soil is moist so that it will be easier to cut. If it is too wet, however, the dirt may be too muddy to work with. You will need a sharp spade to cut and lift the sod. If the sod that you have removed is healthy, you might want to use it in other trouble spots in your yard. You can even store healthy sod for several weeks if you keep it in a shady spot. You will need to unroll it, laying it flat, and keep it watered.

If you think you might want to reuse the sod, you will need to be more careful in how you go about removing it. You don't want to cut overly large sections of sod, as this will make it more difficult to lift. Make vertical cuts that are about twelve to sixteen inches wide into the soil. You will need to work from one end of each strip that you have cut. At one end, make a v-shaped cut into the sod. Be sure and push your spade into the soil several inches. Now, rock your spade back and forth cutting the roots of the grass and stopping to pull the sod up. As you cut and pull the sod, begin to roll the sod away from you. When you have a roll that is around four to six feet long, cut that roll and start a new section.

If the sod you are removing is unhealthy or you don't plan on reusing it for any reason, then you don't have to be as careful and precise about removing it. You can make cuts with your spade, marking the area you want to remove. You can then take a sharp hoe and chop out the sod. Use your spade or a shovel to lift out clumps of sod. Unwanted sod makes an excellent addition to a compost pile. With a little time and effort, you can remove sod in your yard.

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