Lawn Mower Trouble Shooting

It's frustrating when you can't get your lawn mower to start up and run. Read this informative article, though, and learn how to troubleshoot and fix your mower!

Your lawn mower naturally gets a lot of wear and tear when you use it to trim the grass on your yard every year. As long as you keep the maintenance up on your lawn mower, it will normally give you many hours of trouble - free use. However, as with any machine, no matter how well you take care of the mower, working parts still wear out; stationary parts wear out from age or use; and sometimes even the operator can make errors that cause the lawn mower to quit running or otherwise quit working properly.

Here are some of the most common problems that you can trouble shoot and fix yourself on your lawn mower:

Problem 1:

Your lawn mower won't start or it starts up hard...

Possible Trouble Shooting Solutions:

1. Check the fuel tank to make sure the mower has fuel.

2. The fuel in the tank is old, leftover gasoline from last year. If it is, you should drain the fuel tank and fill it up with fresh gasoline.

3. Check to make sure you have the throttle set on "Start" or "Run".

4. The spark plug is loose; check and tighten it, if need be. Or, the spark plug is dirty and has carbon on it. Clean it and screw it back in.

your spark plug is dirty - try cleaning it, if that doesn't work, you will need to replace it.

5. Check the battery with a tester to see if it needs to be replaced. If the battery checks out okay,

then check the cables to make sure they are clean and connected securely.

6. The mower may not be getting fuel to the engine. Tap the side of the carburetor several times in an effort to unstick the float. If this doesn't work, the fuel filter might need replaced.

Problem 2:

Your lawn mower is cutting unevenly and/or it has an excessive amount of vibration when you are using it...

Possible Trouble Shooting Solutions:

1. The underneath of your lawn mower deck could be clogged with grass, leaves, and other debris. Never clear the deck off with your hands! Instead, use a long stick or a screwdriver to scrape the deck underneath. Make sure that you clean out the grass shoot too.

2. The blade could be loose, bent or otherwise damaged. To check the blade, first, for safety purposes, unhook the wire from the spark plug. Then, inspect the blade for looseness or damage.

A blade is usually fastened onto the lawn mower with a large bolt. If it needs tightened, use a torque wrench for the job. Make sure that the blade is secured properly. If the blade needs replaced, wear heavy gloves, then simply loosen the bolt and remove the blade. Be sure to replace it with the same type and size of blade. If your lawn mower has two blades, you will need to replace both of them even if only one is damaged. This is so both will be properly balanced.

Remember to reattach the wire on the spark plug when you are finished.

Problem 3:

The engine of your lawn mower is smoking...

Possible Trouble Shooting Solutions:

1. If the smoke is white - check the level of the oil because the chamber may be too full and the excess oil may be being burning. If this is the problem, then drain some of the oil out until the dipstick measures it as being just full or slightly below.

2. The engine might have an oil or a gasoline leak. Check for leaks and tighten or replace worn parts as needed.

3. If the engine is running slow and laborious, no matter how much you open up the throttle, it maybe that the engine needs replaced.

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