Layered Hair Styles

A layered hair cut can be a great look for any woman, and is a perfect way to show off your personal style.

Choosing the right hairstyle is a big decision for any women.Ladies want a look that is easy to care for, fun, and versatile, but most of all, they want their hair to express their own personal style and attitude.

A layered cut is often the perfect choice.There are so many different ways to make this flexible cut work for you.Since there are so many ways to wear this cut, it goes easily from casual to formal.Your layered hair cut will look great whether you're out on the town, busy at work, hitting the gym, lunching with friends, or just hanging out at home.

For women with fine or thin hair, this can be a particularly flattering cut.Having your hair stylist add layers will make hair move more, increase volume, and allow the hair to be worn in a variety of trendy styles.

If you have short hair, your stylist can show you how to use various products, such as mousse, gel and even new options such as hair "putty", which comes in a tub rather than a can or tube, and can be used to sculpt short hair into a variety of modern styles.Whether worn naturally or enhanced with styling tools, a short layered cuts maintains its cute appeal whatever the situation, and it's so easy to care for.Fine featured women often find this look particularly flattering.

For medium length hair there are also lots of choices when it comes to deciding how to wear a layered cut.Try adding a small amount of mousse to damp hair and blow drying with your head upside down while scrunching hair with your fingers.This method adds a lot of volume even to fine hair.

For a more casual style, pull hair back in a loose ponytail, allowing stray pieces to escape and frame your face.This look can work for a more formal occasion as well - pull hair into a bun rather than a ponytail, then use a curling iron to create ringlets out of loose strands.

Long layered hair is a classic look that never goes out of fashion.(Keep in mind that it does tend to look more appropriate on younger women, however.) Long layers are so flexible, and they can flatter any face shape.Using large rollers to create a retro "big hair" style is a fun current trend favored by many young starlets.Or pull the layers back from your face with a colorful headband or ribbon for a fresh and youthful look that will stay in place all day.

Whatever the length of your layers, keep them looking good by making frequent trips to your hair stylist.Try to make it a habit to go in for a trim at least every six weeks to keep your cut in shape.Your stylist can also keep you up to date on all the latest products and fashions that will work best with your hair, and is a good source for tips on how to keep your locks healthy.

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