Layered Hair Styles

A layered hairstyle can be both convenient and beautiful if you get the right cut for your short, shoulder length or long hair.

Having a layered hair style can be both beneficial for your hair and fun, if you get the right cut!

First, the benefits to your hair:

When your hair is layered, the top part of your hair is a different length from the bottom.This enables the underneath of your hair easier access to the hot air of blow dryer, thus taking less time and heat to blow dry your hair and making your hair less susceptible to heat damage.The end result is healthier hair with much less damage and breakage.

Another benefit to having your hair layered relates to the other heating elements which you may use to style your hair such as curling irons, straighteners and hot rollers.Since when your hair is layered, it is thinner. Your hair will require less time to get the curled or straightened effect that you desire.Again, this will cause much less damage and breakage to your hair.

We mustn't forget about the daily shampooing and conditioning of hair!Another plus for layered hair is that the hair conditioners of choice will be able to penetrate your hair faster as you basically have less hair. Deep conditioners will only need to be used once every ten days to two weeks. You will also save a few dollars over the course of a year because you will be using less of your favorite product.

Let the fun begin:

Layers in your hair are also much more fun than having your hair all one length. First of all, when you curl your hair (either by curling iron or hot rollers), the curls will stay in longer and have a fuller effect when your hair is layered.You can leave the curls tight, or loosen them up a bit with a simple hair brush or comb.Whichever you choose, you'll be happy that your hair is layered.

If you prefer to leave your hair straight, just spray in a little bit of spray hair gel and blow dry as normal.The layers will help to keep your hair from getting too flat throughout the day (because your hair is lighter) and the gel will keep your hair from becoming frizzy.

Of course you can still wear your hair up.There's nothing quite as romantic as an upsweep of curls with little whispers of layers falling and framing your face.

In conclusion about layered hair styles

Long, light layers can be more beneficial to your hair than short, choppy layers.Short and choppy, although can be a lot of fun, can get old and bring relatively quickly.Shoulder length hair is a great place to start if you haven't had layered hair.

Be sure to check with your stylist for the different degrees of layers which would be beneficial for you. While you're there, ask them the general time frame in which you should get your next trim.With longer layers, you usually only need to visit your stylist for a trim every 10-12 weeks.

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