What Is LDS Planet?

By Ann Johnson

  • Overview

    Dating websites are prolific on the internet. Some target generic singles, while others focus on common interests. LDS Planet is a dating website that focuses on a shared faith. Its members can post videos, photos and audio clips on the site while flirting and checking out the other members.
  • Identification

    LDS Planet is the name of a dating website targeted at single Mormons. Mormons are members of the Church of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). The website banner reads: "Bringing Single LDS Members Together." There are other dating websites aimed at Mormons; they include LDS Mingles, LDS Pals and LDS Singles. LDS Planet, along with LDS Mingles and LDS Singles, charges a $14.95 monthly membership fee. The website is not affiliated with the church.
  • Function

    Prospective members have the opportunity to check out the site before joining by clicking the "Free to Browse" flashing button on the site's homepage. After clicking there will be a series of personal questions to answer in order to create a profile. The questions include: gender, hair and eye color, height, body type, evaluation of appearance, marital history, number of children, church activity, location, and birth date, along with an area to make comments about yourself, your relationship with the church and what you enjoy doing.

  • Features

    Although the LDS Planet dating website allows a potential member to create an account and look around the site, he or she will be unable to utilize the features of the site until actually paying for a membership. Features include live chat with other members, the ability to communicate confidentially with other members, along with the ability to review photos, videos and audio clips. As with other dating websites, a member can "flirt" or send a message to another member letting them know there is interest.
  • Mission

    The mission statement for the LDS Planet is to provide an easy to use system and fun environment for singles to meet, either in a member's own town, or across the world. Members can use the site to find someone they can develop a long-term relationship with, or they might be seeking nothing more than a pen pal.
  • Considerations

    LDS Planet members do not undergo a review process to be approved for membership. Online commentaries regarding the service report a typical complaint, which has been expressed about other dating websites, that many members do not necessarily represent themselves truthfully. Some users claim to have made positive connections. As with any online dating service, users should proceed with caution.
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