Learn About Banner Impressions And Click-Throughs

If you want to get started in the Internet Business, it`s important to learn the difference between Banner Impressions and Click-Throughs.

Internet lingo can be so confusing for even the most experienced web business person. A stumbling block for some beginners is the difference between what advertisers call a banner impression and a click-through. A banner impression is any ad that appears on the present web page that you are viewing. At this moment, you may see a banner ad at the top and bottom of this page. If there are only those 2 banner ads, that counts as 2 banner impressions. Every time you move to a new page and see more banner ads, the impressions are being counted.

Why does anybody want to count Banner Impressions?

Most web businesses generate their revenue via these banner impressions (advertising). All banner ads are sold on a CPM (Cost per Thousand) basis. One banner ad may cost an advertiser or generate for a site $10./CPM or per 1000 impressions. The main goal for a website is to increase the number of banner impressions that it is receiving. That is why websites strive to become a `sticky` environment. The more someone sticks to a site, the greater the amount of banner impressions. The increased banner impressions leads to greater ad revenue.

Aren`t Click-throughs and Banner Impressions the Same thing?

NO! A click-through is really what the advertiser is interested in. A Click-through is the action of clicking on a banner ad and actually seeing the advertisers site. When advertisers place banners on certain sites they are interested in what kind of Click-through rate the banner ad generates. A high click-through rate means most users that saw the banner ad clicked on it and went to the advertisers site.

Lets use an example. Lets say that you have an online shoe store. Business, unfortunately, has been poor and you decide that a small online advertising budget may help your online shoe store. You also found a great site to advertise on, `mysmallfeet.com`. Mysmallfeet.com has one available banner space on its home page. They tell you, `the banner space will cost you $20/CPM.` Is this a good deal for you? To answer that you may want to know the click-through rate...the percentage of times that someone who has seen the banner ad actually clicks-through to your site. A click-through is when a visitor to mysmallfeet.com sees your banner ad and clicks on it to bring themselves to your online shoe store.

The next time your surfing the web, try going to your favorite web site and see if they have any banners ads. If they do, try counting the number of banner ads that exist on the present page that your viewing...the number you get...are the banner impressions for that page. Chose your favorite banner ad on that same page and try clicking on a banner. When you arrive on the advertiser's page, remember that you just performed a click-through.

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