Learn The Bones In The Human Body

Do you know the names of the bones in the human? Here is a list of them...

Do you know the names of all the bones in the human body? Here is a handy list of the names of all the bones in the human body. See which ones you already know. We will do that song "The head bone" and work our way down!

The Head bone (or skull)- cranium

The jaw bone-mandible

The neck bone-cervical spine

The collar bone-the clavicle

The shoulder blades- the scapulars

The chest bone- the sternum

The tip of the sternum-the xiphoid process

The mid upper spine-thoracic spine

The ribs-costals

The arm bone-upper-humerus

-two lower-radius and ulnar bones

The hand bones-carpals

The finger bones-metacarpals

The lower spine-lumbar spine

The end of the spine-sacral spine

The tail bone-coccyx

The hip bone-upper-ilium


The long leg bone-femur

The knee cap-patella

The two lower leg bones-tibia and fibula

The ankle bone-talus

The heel bone-calcaneus

The foot bones-tarsals

The toe bones-metatarsals.

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