Learn To Break Dance: The Basics Of Break Dancing

Learning how to Break Dance only takes time to practice, some music, and some talent. Included are some of the basic moves and steps with instructions.

Break Dancing can be defined as "individual dancing that consists of nimble, acrobatic moves performed while standing, or, while certain body parts are touching the ground." Since its birth in the 1980's, Break Dancing has evolved into an international sport. There are contests and competitions involving this type of dance that are held around the globe.

If you want to learn how to Break Dance, you'll need to be flexible and be able to move quickly.You'll also need a pretty good sized tile or linoleum floor and a pair of athletic shoes to dance in.And, of course, you'll also need some Hip Hop music.

As with any sport or active type of movement, you should limber your body up first before you begin. This will help to prevent strained muscles and other injuries to your body. To limber up, all you'll need to do is to perform some leg stretches, arm rotations, and maybe some deep knee bends.

Then, you'll need to start at the beginning. In this case, the "beginning" of Break Dancing is the basic moves. The "Top Rock" is a basic move that is performed with your feet. To do this move, you'll need to turn on the music, and then place your left foot in front of the right foot. You can put your left foot either to the front of the right foot, or, you can place it off to one side. Then, swing your left foot behind you. Pull your right foot up, and use your right foot to do the same moves you just did with your left foot. As you perform this Break Dancing move, keep switching your feet, and try to increase your speed as much as you can. Of course, you'll want to follow the beat of the Hip Hop music as you dance the "Top Rock."

Another basic move is called the "Six Step". This is actually the starting place for another of other Break Dancing moves. To do the "Six Step", you'll need to lie down on the floor on your stomach. Spread your arms and legs out straight. Place your feet a couple feet apart, and then raise your right hand up so your weight is now on you left hand. In the next motion, you'll need to swing your left leg around so it's now located where your hand was.

The next step is to pull your right leg forward while you keep your right leg stationary. Pull your left leg to your body, and continue to swing your right leg around. Now, stick your left leg out, and then your right leg out. Repeat these moves and increase your speed as you move to the music.

A third basic move is called the "Turtle". The Turtle is done by curling your body over. Place your body weight on your elbows, and then lift your knees up off the ground. Raise one of your hands and move it so you can move in a circle.

Once you learn these three basic moves, you can then move on to learn the more advanced steps. Don't expect to learn these moves in the first try either. Just like everything else, it will take you time and practice in order to get it right!

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