Learn How To Build A Kite

Kites are fun for young and old alike. You can build your own kite, or help your kids build one by reading this article!

Kites come in all shapes and sizes. In order to build a kite of any shape, you will need a frame, covering, a tail and string. In order to make a basic dimaond-shaped kite, then you will specifically need two long wooden dowels--as big or as small as you desire--and notched at each end, a large sheet of either newspaper, wrapping paper, or you can use a plastic garbage bag or a large sheet of plastic--enough to cover your kite--a strong glue, tape, and plenty of kite string.

The first step is to decide how big or small that you want to make your kite. Take the two sticks and cut them down to the proper size. One stick will be the vertical support and the other stick will be the horizontal support. The horizontal support will fit across or sideways on the other support, so it will need to be cut shorter. Now, place the horizontal piece onto the vertical dowel. Make sure the sideways dowel is centered exactly.

The next step in this process is to tie the two sticks together using some of the string. Make sure that you cross the string over in four directions at the place where the dowels cross. This will ensure that the pieces remain straight and in alignment. Now, cut off a piece of string that will fit around the entire perimeter of the kite frame. Fasten the string around the frame by threading it through the notches.Make it taut, but not too tight. Tie it off at the top of the vertical dowel.

The next step is to cover the kite frame with the type of paper or plastic you have chosen. To do this, you will simply spread the material out flat and lay the frame on top of it. Use a thin-tipped magic markeror ball point pen and draw an outline completely around the kite frame. Now, cut the material out and make sure to add an additional inch or so of material. Start on one side and wrap an edge of the material around the kite frame. Tape it in place and then move to the opposite side of the frame. Pull the material taut, not tight, and wrap it around the frame and then fasten it securely with tape. Proceed on in this manner until you have all the sides of the material tacked down securely. Check the material to make sure it is taut all of the way around the frame. If you find a place that is loose, remove the tape, tighten the material, and tape it down again. Now, to finish securing the material to the frame, glue it down all of the way around. Let the glue dry completely before you proceed on.

The next step is to securely attach the flying string to the cross made by the two dowels. Finally, attach a lightweight tail to the bottom of the frame of the kite. THis will help to balance the kite. And, you are now ready to take your creation to the skies!

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