Learn To Dance The Waltz

Where can I learn how to dance the waltz? Learn how to dance the waltz by following the steps in this article!

Sometime in your life, most likely at a wedding reception, maybe even at your own wedding dance, you will need to know how to dance the Waltz. It might sound scary, but once you learn some basic steps, you will be gliding across the dance floor with your partner in no time!

There are some basics to learn first, before you ever start to actually dance. Since this is a dance for couples, you will need to know how to hold your partner correctly. First, the man should place his right hand beneath the woman's left arm. His left arm should be extended so he can grasp the woman's right hand in his. The woman should place her right hand in his extended hand, and her left hand on his shoulder. This is known as the closed position and is the most basic position to start out the Waltz with. The man generally leads, and the woman follows, at least in dancing the Waltz.

In order to lead your partner, you will need to learn how to step widely, but not more than a foot or so going backward or forward, balance your weight, and gently glide them in the direction they need to move. There are four general directions and ways to guide your partner- Pull your partner forward by gently pulling your partner to you with your hand on their body, while you pull in your extended hand; Push your partner backward by gently pushing your partner away from you with the body hand, and extending your other hand outward; Move to the left by gently pushing with the extended hand; Move to the right by gently pulling your right hand to the right. Your partner will have to remember to keep their feet in sync with yours, andtry not to get stepped on. You mightwant to practice these simple moves before proceeding further in order to get the feel of the motions.

There are several dance patterns you can use in dancing the Waltz, but the most common pattern is called the Box Step. This pattern resembles a box figure because you and your partner will move in the shape of a square. For the man, or the lead, this is simply moving one step forward with the left foot, resuming the closed position, then moving two steps sideways, closed position, backward step with right foot, resumin the closed position, then take two steps to the side, and so on. You will end up where you started. Note that when you move in any direction, your steps will be a step-slide.The slide is to bring your other foot up to your position. Try to do this step-slide in a smooth, graceful manner, instead of a clunky, mechanical one.

While you and your partner might not ever look like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, with some practice you can at least make a respectable presence with your new-found skills!

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