How Do You Learn To Be An Exorcist?

How do you learn to be an exorcist? Through many years of personal study, you may be able to learn how to become an exorcist. Father Damien Karras and Father Lankaster Merrin from the movie "The Exorcist"...

Father Damien Karras and Father Lankaster Merrin from the movie "The Exorcist" are probably two of the most famous exorcists never to have existed. Exorcists are not just fictional characters. They really exist and not all are Catholic priests or other clergy. Some are ordinary people with extraordinary talents.

"I was born with psychic ability," says Jeffrey Seelman, a world-renowned psychic, who started up Starclear ( in 1999.

After years of intensive training and study of spiritual philosophy, Seelman has dedicated his life to helping others stay positive and out of danger, sometimes acting as an exorcist.

He began this life at 16, when he started practicing transcendental meditation.

"After I got out of the Air Force, I studied exorcism and spiritual philosophy from all the different traditions," he says. "I studied the philosophy of spirits and combined what I learned with what I inherently knew."

Through his studies and training he started to develop an ability to actually see, communicate, detect, and read people and spirits, leading him to become an exorcist. The ability is not unusual, according to an article posted on Seelman's web site. In that article he says everyone has some psychic ability, and that children are often much more in touch with the spirit world, but are taught by adults not to think in such a way.

Becoming an exorcist isn't something one takes lightly, he says. "It's something that you have to spend many years training for. Not everyone can do it."

But exorcists are necessary, he says. Negative or evil spirits are prevalent and will attack anything and anybody who gets in their way.

"If a person is not qualified to perform an exorcism, they will be attacked," he says. Exorcists have the qualifications. "I can tell you that a part of my business deals directly with people who have made such mistakes. There are people who have experimented frivolously with Ouija boards and other forms of divination without protecting themselves properly. People who have attempted to banish spirits from individuals don't usually know what they are doing. Usually, they end up being attacked themselves, and then they call me."

Unless they are trained as exorcists, even other psychics can be in danger, he says, because they don't have experience with clearing spirits.

"I am constantly clearing people who have attempted to banish negative spirits from their lives and who have failed," he says. "It is a very serious profession, and it is not something that I would recommend to just anyone.

Exorcists must be vigilant and protect themselves from the spiritual enemies they'll meet in their work. Seelman knows this from experience. "Every one of those negative spirits I take out of somebody's family environment is not going to be too pleased with me. The spirit that is harassing the two-year-old child every night is going to have an attitude toward me."

He also cautions that being an exorcist isn't glamorous. "It is not something that is fun, and it's an awful lot of work."

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