Learn A Foreign Language Easily

Four steps to easily learn a foreign language in the comfort of your own house.

We live in a melting pot surrounded by different nations and mixed cultures and yet it is so difficult to pick up a foreign language. The ability to speak many foreign languages seems to be confined to the most eloquent and studious of people.

The next tips will make this seemingly difficult task appear a lot easier without even leaving the country.

1) Socialize. Form a circle of foreign-speaking friends, bilingual ones if possible. Ask them to speak their language in front of you while translating and making examples at the same time. That way you'll be able to pick up some basic words and easy phrases.

2) Read. Go to your local newsstand or bookstore. Start with easy learners and books for foreigners and evolve progressively. Get some good dictionaries. It's important that you don't hurry to change levels, as this will discourage you. Visit some of the online bookstores, like Borders, BN, and Amazon, where you can find a lot of books in the language they were written in.

3) Get satellite television. It's important that you hear the foreign language as much as you can and in its correct pronunciation. Record some of the programs and watch them again and again. Try to pick up some words, which may seem familiar to you and with the help of your dictionary try to form small phrases. Compare them with what is being heard on TV.

4) Interact online. We can never emphasize the importance of interacting with other people. Luckily, those who don't have the luxury of travelling abroad and meeting foreign people can now interact from the comfort of their own house. How? Through online chat-rooms. There are various foreign chat rooms where natives gather and speak with their "compatriots". One example is chat.it, Chat Italia, a chat service offering more than 150 Italian chat rooms. TF1 of la Television Francaise is another website which offers lots of services, including chat services. Almost all official television websites offer chat services so here's the chance for you to find out how many foreign chat-rooms you can discover. Lately, lots of Greek-Americans have been found chatting in Ert.gr, the Greek Television website!

Pronunciation is equally important when it comes to learning a foreign language correctly. Fortunately, there are very good audio-visual programs today which can assist you in this vocation. When it comes to picking up a foreign language via Internet, you'll be surprised to know that there are websites which offer real sound files (wav) to teach you a language in its correct pronunciation. One example is spanishguru.com, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will willing teach you Spanish if you are willing to pay!

During the communication process between two persons there are two actions that take place: the encoding of a person's ideas and feelings into a message (symbols) and its direct decoding into new ideas and feelings, which will be received by the second person. Conversation is the means by which people draw near to one another with sympathy and pleasure and it is obvious that this procedure can become a bit more complicated when the language you speak is not your own.

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