Learn About The Game Of Cribbage

How to play the card game of cribbage. Some rules, strategy, and other tips to dig into this fun pasttime.

Cribbage is a fun game that can be played by just about anyone. Knowing how to play can pass the time on a dreary rainy day or a good warm day inside in the winter. Playing the game is continually interesting because no two games are alike. The combination of strategy and luck involved makes for a game anyone can win at. Knowing some tricks and tips will help you end up on the victorious end more often than not. Knowing how your opponent plays and figuring out how they are going to play brings a little bit of human behavior study into the game as well.

Cribbage is played on a wooden board with 120 holes per person. Pegging from the starting point through those 120 holes to the end will make you the winner. How to peg through each point will decide who gets there first. The game sometimes comes down to who counts first in the last hand so make sure that you diplomatically decide who goes first. Do this by drawing cards and the highest goes first or figure out some other way to make the decision.

Each person in the two person game gets six cards dealt to them out of an ordinary deck with no jokers. Each person then decides which four cards to keep and which two will go into the dealer's kitty. The kitty moves each time from person to person depending on who deals. After the normal hands are played, the kitty is counted as a separate hand which still uses the wild card.

Make sure not to throw any points into your opponents kitty if you can help it.

When each person has four cards, put the kitty aside until later. Then the pegging begins. Make sure your pieces are in the starting point on the board. Then the person who did not deal, takes the deck of leftover cards, cuts the cards and the other person takes the top card cut and puts it face up on the deck. This is the wild card that you may use in your hand when you start adding up your point. This wild card cut can make or break a lot of hands as some people are luckier than others.

Now each person lays down one card at a time face up on their side of the board. Counting the value of the cards until you reach 31. An example would be person #1 lays down a 9, then person #2 lays down a 7 for 16. Then person #1 lays down a 10 for 26. And so on up to 31. If someone can not put down a card to equal or be less than 31 they give a go to the other person, who pegs one point and puts down any cards that they have under 31. Then you start over with the person who gave the go back at 0 up to 31 again.

While this is going on you can earn points by pegging. While people are laying down cards if you make an exact 15, you get 2 points. If you make a pair off the other person's lay down you get 2 points. If one person lays down a 6, the other a 7 and the first person an 8 then they get 3 points for a run. A run can be any number of cards, they just have to be in a row. A K,Q, and Jack would work as well.

Pegging may seem like a simple exercise, but really someone can get quite a number of points and open up their lead with pegging points. Knowing not to play a 5 on your first card so that your opponenet may play a ten, J, Q, or K and make 15 for 2 points is one good strategy to learn.

After the pegging is over you count up your hand. The rules for points are pretty much the same as for those with pegging. Pairs are 2 points, runs are a point for each card in the run. 15's are 2 points etc. One exception is a double run. This would be comprised of a example like a 5, 6, and 2 7's. This is one of the nicer hands in cribbage. It is a double run equalling eight points. You get a run for 5, 6, and 7. Then use the 5 and 6 over with the other 7 for another run and then 2 points for the pair.

Triple runs work the same way if the card cut on the deck was the same as your pair for 3 7's. Three of a kind is worth 6 points. Very nice.

Cribbage is an extremely enjoyable game that anyone can play. Different boards are made that can be travelled with, can allow for 3 players, etc. Collections of boards can become quite a hobby in itself as you find differently made boards that are quite impressive.

Have fun playing and the more practice you get the better of a player you will become.

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