Learn How To Juggle

Juggling is a fun skill that most anyone can learn to do! Find out how you can learn to juggle by reading this article!

Juggling is a skill that has been around for centuries. It is really quite easy to do once you get the hang of it. And, you can amaze your family and your friends by learning how to juggle and then show off your new skill!

To start with, you will need three balls, oranges, or apples. Any sort of round objects will do the trick really, as long as they fit into your hand. Start with one of the objects and toss it back and forth between your left hand and your right hands. This is easy enough, but go ahead and practice this part of it for awhile so you can get the hang of it.

The second step involves throwing the object up into the air above your head. Use your left hand to throw it up with. Practice throwing the object up and catching it with your right hand. This is easy too, but, still, you will need to practice it for awhile so you will have this step down pat.

The third step simply encompasses what you already have learned and practiced. Start with the object in the right hand, then pass it quickly to the left hand, then use the left hand to toss the object high into the air, and then catch it with your right hand when the object has come down to about the level of your waist. Practice doing this combination of steps until you are sure you have the hang of it as it is only going to get a little harder.

The fourth step is where you will add a second object into the works. Begin the third step, and, after you get your rhythm going, grab a second object with your left hand after you have thrown the first object into the air. Proceed with the second object as you have been doing with the first. Of course, the trick now is that you have to keep track of not just one object, but two! Take heart, though, and keep in mind that it can be done!

The fifth step is a little harder yet as you add another object, the third one, into your act. Throw the third object up when the second one is at its peak. This means when the second object has stopped going up, and is now preparing to come back down. The first object should be passing from your right hand to your left hand at this time.

There are some things to remember as you practice your juggling skill. Don't become too upset if you drop and object. You can work on proper catching later. The most important thing to do is to develop your own rhythm in the throwing, catching, and passing of the objects. An important secret to begin successful in juggling is to concentrate on the objects being juggled. Block out your surroundings and ignore background noises. Concentrate totally on what you are doing.

After you have mastered juggling three objects, you can add a fourth or fifth. And, you can change the size and shape of the objects that are are juggling with once you have mastered the basics of this art!

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