Learn To Make A Pressed Flower Candle

Learn how to make a pressed flower candle. The finished piece makes a nice gift or an attractive centerpiece.

Candles come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, scents and colors. Walk into any department store in the United States and you will definitely find candles other than the ordinary variety. Pick one up and take a look at the price tag and you may be surprised at the asking price. The plain ordinary run of the mill candles are always cheaper.

Here is one way of decorating a candle yourself, allowing you to freely express your artistic style and at the same time keeping in check your preset spending budget.

What you will need to use for this project:

A pair of scissors

A pencil and a ruler

One heat proof bowl that fits over a small saucepan

A hair dryer

Two pieces of white paper (typing paper is fine)

One large candle in the color of your choice (about 3 ¾ inches)

A white candle (to be melted down)

A paintbrush (about as wide as a basting/pastry brush)

Pressed small flowers and leaves (petals are fine too)

1. Place the white paper on a flat surface. Take the candle that is to be decorated and place it lying down on top of the paper. Mark the top and bottom of the candle on the paper.

2. Now wrap the paper around the candle to measure the circumference. Next, trim the paper to the correct size of the candle. You should now have a rectangular piece of paper that wraps around the candle once (no overlapping of paper).

3. Arrange the pressed leaves, petals and flowers on the paper in a design that you find pleasing. This will be your pattern.

4. Turn on the hair dryer and heat a small section of the candle. When the wax is slightly melted, pick up the pressed flower or pressed leaf from one end of the pattern and press onto the candle. To make sure that the pressed flower or leaf is well attached, roll the candle gently on another piece of white paper.

5. Repeat this until the entire pattern is firmly attached to the candle.

6. Next place a white candle in a heat proof dish, break it up into small pieces if you have to. Place this bowl over a saucepan of water that is simmering, to melt the candle (making it into a double boiler).

7. Dip the paintbrush into the melted wax and brush the decorated candle to form a coating over the pattern. It is important to work very quickly.

8. Set the candle aside for at least ten minutes, the outside of the candle shouldn't be touched before this or you risk getting finger prints on it.

Now you have a pressed flower candle that can be used to make into a center piece for your dining room table or the mantle over the fire place. It also makes a nice gift.

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