Learn How To Play Chess

Learn how to play chess with these basic instructions.

In the year of 1561, Ruy Lopez de Segura wrote the first manual on how to play the ever-popular board game called chess. Chess is an ancient game of mental skill that is played the world over in champion as well as amateur games.

In order to play chess, one must first learn the basics of the game. Chess is played ona game board which is divided into sixty-four squares. The squares alternate from white to black. Each player has sixteen pieces or chessmen which sit on their respective places their own side of the board. The eight pawns complete the front row, while the back row is made up of a rook, knight, bishop, queen, king, and then another bishop, knight, and rook.

Now, one of the tricks of the game is that each chess piece can only move a certain way. The pawn may move either one or two squares forward on its first move. Fromthen on, it may only move one square forward at a time. THere is an exception to this rule, and that is , a pawn may move move one space in a diagonal direction in order to capture an opponent's piece. The other piece is then removed from the board and the pawn takes its rightful place on the board. If a pawn makes it to the other side of the board, to the end, it can be changed for any other piece, except the King.

The rook is allowed to move forwards and backwards any number of squares, which is totally different from the bishop which moves diagonally any number of squares. The bishop can move forwards and backwards. The queen, on the other hand, is the most versatile piece on the playing board. The queen is able to move straight forward or straight backwards, along with diagonally. Therefore, the queen is less hindered by the available moves it can make.

The knight has a distinctive pattern in which it may move. The knight must move in an L shaped pattern in a direction. Therefore, the knight must move two squares to either side and one square up or down. Or, the knight must move two squares up or down and one square to either side. Unlike the other chess pieces which may be blocked , the knight can jump over pieces in order to move.

The king is the man in charge, so to speak, on the chess board. Although its movement is limited, as it can only move one square ata time in any direction, whenever the king is in danger, your priority is to make the proper chess moves so that this piece will be out of danger. Now, whenever the king is in danger, or is being attacked, the proper term is to say that the king is in check. If there is no possible way for the king to get out of check, then the king is checkmated and the game has ended.

There is no right way to play chess, as everyone has their own strategies on how to move their pieces. Each player's goal, of course, is to capture the opponent's king and win the game.

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