Learn How To Write A Thank You Note

Do you know the proper ettiquette of thank you notes? Learn how to write a thank you note here...

Thank you notes are an important part of every day etiquette that has seemed to have fallen by the wayside for many people in these modern times. Some people have reduced the traditional thank you card to a phone call or even e-mail if they even remember to say thank you at all. Thank you notes serve other purposes than the expression of gratitude and a show of good manners. Thank you notes let the gift giver know that their gift has arrived and come unharmed and it also serves to let them know how much the gift was appreciated, especially if they were not there to witness the opening of the gift. Thank you notes also express whether the gift will be put to good use, especially if the gift was money. A gift of money should always be responded to with a thank you note which explains what the money will be used for. You may be at odds to know when it is appropriate to send a thank you note, the answer to that is that there is no wrong time to send one. Thank you notes are always appreciated and I can't imagine someone being annoyed by receiving one.

When someone gives you a gift, they go to a lot of trouble, thinking about what gift to give, shopping for it, wrapping it, getting it to you. The small inconvenience of writing a card is really no inconvenience at all, but actually the least you can do to acknowledge such thoughtfulness. Events which deserve thank you notes every time include:

1. Any time a gift is received

2. After a job interview, even if you are not interested in taking the position

3. Any time someone does a huge favor for you such as, house sitting, mowing your lawn when you are not able, picking up your mail while you are on vacation, etc.

4. After visiting someone's home when you spend one or more nights

Other events which deserve thank you's but are not usually recognized are dinner parties or special outings where you have been treated such as a concert. Phone calls and e-mails can serve as acknowledgement but what they say about you is that you don't appreciate the gift or event enough to spend a few minutes on a proper thank you. When we know that someone has truly appreciated what we have done for them, it makes us feel good about the gesture and gives a sense of satisfaction for making someone else happy. Thank you's are truly important to fight off the growing sense of selfishness in the world around us, keep a box of them in your drawer and be generous with them!

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