Learning To Style Your Own Prom Updo

While updo's may seem complicated, there are many simple prom styles you can create at home without an expensive trip to the salon.

While there are many ways you can wear your hair for prom, an updo is one of the easiest ways to add glamour and drama to your prom look. No matter what dress you have chosen for the event there is an updo that would complement your style. You don't need to go to the salon to get a professional looking updo, however. Following these simple instruction will allow to create a chic hairstyle at home.

If your hair is long, you have a wide variety of style options. One simple style you can create yourself is to first use a curling iron to create loose waves. Then, pull your hair back into a high ponytail and secure with elastics. Section hair off into individual strands and use bobby pins to secure sections randomly around the base of the ponytails. The resulting look is both sexy and ultra-feminine; perfect for anyone who wants a hairstyle that looks understated and natural. Simply pinning sections differently around the head can also vary this style. Hair can be twisted gently and clipped up towards the face or turned under and pinned beneath the base of the ponytail. You can also twist the loose hair around the elastics securing the ponytail and pin into a loose bun.

Medium-length hair is perfect for many elaborate hairstyles. One excellent style that is simple to create at home is the classic French twist. Begin by pulling hair back as if you are going to place it into a ponytail, but then begin twisting in a clockwise motion. Once the hair is twisted, use your free hand to hold the twist in place while to fold the remaining hair down under the twist. Push and fold the twist until the hair is tucked under securely and then secure firmly with bobby pins. You can modify this look by pulling down long strands of hair around the face and curling them loosely. Other popular looks include teased ponytails and casual, messy twists. You can add drama and glamour by adorning the updo with flowers or dressy barrettes and clips.

You can obtain the look and feel of an updo even if your hair is extremely short. Begin by using a styling gel or pomade to push the hair back from the face. If you have some length, pull hair back and secure with bobby pins. Sculpting hair into a gentle curl at the back of the head can mimic the classic twist. Use hair accessories to add excitement to the look. Fun touches such as crystal tiaras and floral pins are an excellent way to accessorize short hairstyles.

Because updo's are dramatic and high impact, many women are wary of attempting such styles at home. Many of these looks are actually quite simple and can be achieved with relatively little practice. By experimenting with your hair, you can find a prom look that is easy to do yourself and complements your look without an expensive trip to the salon.

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