Legal Advice: How To File For A Divorce Yourself

This is a guide to a do-it-yourself divorce. It outlines the requirements and legal forms needed for this process, as well as court procedures.

Divorce can be a very complicated and painful process, but experts say that almost half of new marriages will end in divorce. Studies show that people between the ages of 25 to 60 make up at least 60 percent of the divorce rate. While there are many factors to consider in the cost of a divorce, it can vary from several hundred to several thousand dollars.If you are looking for a quick and less expensive divorce, a do it yourself divorce may be an option.

First, make sure that the other party agrees with this procedure.If there are no abuse allegations, impending bankruptcy, retirement plans, pension and retirement plans to argue over, this could be a viable option for you. Make sure that neither partner is active in military duty and that both parties can agree on child custody, support and visitation. Also be certain that there can be a fair agreement between both parties regarding the division of property as well as assets and liabilities. If you decide to proceed with a divorce yourself, take into account the state and local laws.Don't be afraid to frequent any library or courthouse because these documents will be available for you to peruse.

There is a basic list of some forms that you might need before filing for divorce.Divorce requirements vary from state to state so check with your state concerning their requirements.These documents might even be available to you from your local court.

To start, a petition for divorce must be filed to allow the court to have jurisdiction over your divorce.This also lets the court know that you are divorcing.Then, the financial affidavit will show the court that you have come to an agreement regarding the financial situation involving both parties.The notice of hearing document will be filed after a date is set for the hearing of the case. If the spouse validates the divorce, an answer and affidavit form might be allowed in your state.This allows the spouse to not be present at the hearing. You will also need a certificate of corroborating witness which will validate you and your spouse living in that particular state long enough to be granted a divorce by that state.Furthermore, a marital settlement agreement is needed to show the division of property, assets, liabilities and other items.It also shows that there is an agreement between the two parties regarding all the relevant aspects pertaining to the divorce.Make sure that it's well written and covers all aspects of the divorce.Finally, the divorce judgment or decree is signed by the judge to finalize the divorce.

The legal forms can vary for different situations. These forms can usually be downloaded online.A do-it-yourself divorce kit is a great option because a great kit will give you everything you need for a divorce, which can save you a lot of time and money.

A do-it-yourself divorce is a good way to settle a divorce because it can save you thousands of dollars.In addition to the cost, it can also help relieve the emotional stress that can take its toll during a divorce that involves complicated legal matters and attorneys. Taking an active role in the divorce can help you to make the decisions regarding your divorce in a timely and less complicated manner.

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