The Legend Of King Arthur

The Legends of King Arthur are the epitome of fairy tales and legends. Following is a brief list of names, dates and relationships from the Legends of King Arthur:

The Legends of King Arthur are the epitome of fairy tales and legends.

Following is a brief list of names, dates and relationships from the Legends of King Arthur:



AKA Ambrosius


Chief advisor to King Arthur, and the most powerful druid said to have lived, he may still be sleeping, waiting for another time of magick and heroism.

Uther Pendragon


High King of Britain, and Arthur's father. He started Britain down the road to unity that Arthur would later complete.



Lady of the Lake by heritage; High Queen by marriage to Uther; mother of Morgause and of Arthur.





As an heir to the royal lineage of the Lake, Morgause vied for her place as the Lady and destroyed many lives in the process. Mother of Gawain, Gaheris, Agravaine, Gareth, and Mordred. Lineage of the Lady of the Lake, she was ever jealous of Arthur for their mother's love that she thought he stole from her. She raised Mordred to hate Arthur as well.




Father-Uther Pendragon


Brought up by a foster family, also of royal lineage, Arthur didn't know of his parentage until he pulled the Sword from the Stone when he was fifteen, and became High King of Britain.

Unknowingly, he fathered Mordred on his half-sister Morgause, and didn't learn of it until Morgause told him years later that they had a son. This revelation haunted Arthur's remaining days as guilt for his sins of incest and mistrust of his half-sister's motivations drained him of any passion he could have shared with Gwenivere.

Arthur managed to settle and unite Britain for a short time, and then moved on Gallia (France) in order to prevent another Roman-like invasion of Britain. In his absence, Mordred claimed the High Kingship and Arthur's Queen, Gwenivere, as his own.

In the final battle between father and son, Arthur and Mordred slew each other, ending the era of Camelot forever, and destroying the unity Arthur had brought about with such tenacity and devotion.



AKA Medraut



Conceived in incest and born out of malice, Mordred was taught that the High Kingship was his heritage.





Arthur's Queen and junior by 20 years, Gwenivere was Britain's High Queen and the "╦ťflower' of the Empire. Gwenivere took over the rule of Britain while Arthur was away at war in Gaul, and Mordred assumed the role of assistant and companion while she attempted to hold Britain united in Arthur's absence.

Gwenivere and Arthur never managed to conceive a child, so Britain never had a rightful heir that would be undeniably recognized.


Although this character is in the traditional stories, there is no proof that he actually lived. One theory is that he is an amalgamation of many people involved in the lives of Arthur and Gwenivere, and that his name was made up so that the real person's name would not be marred by the stories.

His role in the stories is that he was Arthur's greatest champion and most trusted companion. He and Gwenivere were madly in love, but out of loyalty and love for Arthur, neither of them acted upon it until Arthur was away at war and they had given him up for dead. When they learned that Arthur was yet living, Lancelot disappeared, never to be seen again, and Gwenivere joined a convent out of guilt and shame.

Other players in the Legends that are not as major, but are certainly worth mentioning:

Agravaine, Gaheris, Gawain, Gareth-sons of Morgause and brothers of Mordred, they became champions in Arthurs court and at his side in war.

Cai-Arthur's foster brother and protector.

Amlodius-Artor's grandfather

Bedivere-a companion of Arthur's

Cador-prince of Dumnonia

NOTE: Much of this information was gathered through reading many texts of the legends. Though not all of the characters have been found to have actually lived, the ones mentioned here have major roles in all of the tellings of the Legend.

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