Legends Of Baseball Postage Stamp Collection

Stamp Collecting has been one of the most popular hobbies for years, with all ages enjoying the simple pleasure of collecting and exhibiting stamps. For the new collector it can be rather overwhelming when you see the number of stamps available for purchase or trade, so it's best to limit your collection to a certain theme that appeals to you. Be it dinosaurs or flags, there's enough stamps out there to satisfy any collector's urge - but one of the hottest stamp collections out there right now illustrates America's love of baseball over the years! The Legends of Baseball stamp collection guarantees hours of fun and education as you peer over these famous players and add them to your stamp album.

Let's take a closer look at this special release and see what may appeal to you, the collector, and encourage you to add this series to your albums or displays.

The Legends of Baseball were released in July of 2000 to conincide with Major League Baseball's All-Star Week and the All-Star Game of 2000; giving both stamp collectors and baseball fans a great souvenir of this event. With twenty postage stamps in this collection it appealed to the young collector who wouldn't have to worry about large numbers of rare stamps to find and order as well as to baseball fans looking for some interesting and easy-to-find memorabilia of their favorite sport.

These twenty players were deemed by the Post Office to be outstanding examples of the baseball world, players who upheld the highest standards of the sport. Let's take a look at some of the twenty players on these stamps and see why they were included!

Roberto Clememte played for the Pittsburgh Pirates, taking them to two World Championships while creating a name for himself as a kind, considerate man who loved to help out for various charities and good causes. The first Hispanic elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame; this man set a high standard for other players to follow.

Mickey Cochrane played for the Philadelphia Athletics during their great championship run of 1929-1931 before they changed their name to the Phillies, adding a power hitter to their already dangerous lineup.

Ty Cobb may go down in history as one of the best all-around baseball players in history. Over twenty years in the league with the Detroit Tigers, this figurehead won nine straight American League batting titles!

Dizzy Dean is another classic baseball legend, taking the St. Louis Cardinals to the World Series in 1934 and dominating the pitching world with a record seventeen strikeouts in one game!

Eddie Collins played for twenty-five seasons in a row, setting a new record for consecutive years played. He helped four teams claim the World Series while staying on the field as an active player.

Lou Gehrig stands out as one of the best players in the game, fighting a horrible disease to carry on in the best tradition of the sport. With a record of playing in over two thousand consecutive games, this "Iron Horse" has set a record that may never be broken!

Jackie Robinson was the first black player to step onto a Major League field, shattering the color barrier and shocking the world into accepting African-Americans as equals, at least on the playing field. He backed up his presence with performance, taking the Most Valuable Player Award in the National League in 1949.

Cy Young's true name was Denton True Young. He got the nickname of Cyclone during his career and it was later shortened to Cy. This twenty-two year veteran of the baseball world won 511 games as the lead pitcher as well as throwing 749 complete games. As you can guess, this is the man who the famous pitching award is named after!

And, of course, Babe Ruth - the legendary baseball player who set the standards so high for home runs that it's only been recently that his record of 60 home runs in a single season has been eclipsed. Set in 1927 with the Boston Red Sox, this single player has come to personify baseball acround the world.

These are only some of the famous baseball players who you can keep close at hand thanks to the Legends of Baseball Stamp series! In vibrant color and in action poses, this is a great starter for a new collector eager to get into the world of stamp collecting or for that baseball fan looking to expand their horizons into different areas of memorabilia.

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